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& # 39; Food Shooter & # 39; Police operation at Elmvale Mall

A person has serious critical conditions, has been fired and injured by injuries. The police have suffered minor injuries on Thursday morning at Elmvale Acres Shopping Center in St Laurent Boulevard.

Paramedics said the civilian victim, age, and sex were not immediately available, which threatened life.

There was more information about the official wounded police officer.

The police took him to the Elmvale Acres Shopping Center in San Lorenzo Boulevard, approximately 8 years after receiving a report, more than one man in black dressed saw the center in his hand.

There was ample space in the shopping center, opposite the Loblaws store and the RBC banks at the western end of the commercial mall.

The victim said he was shot in his shoulders and shoulders, not accepting the attack report.

Officers on the road on Smoke Road and the OC Transpo shopping mall blocked the nearby Elmvale station close to the "other note."

Elmvale Acres Shopping Map Google Map

The city police spokesman did not confirm that the shots were suspect or police. No arrest was made.

Const. Chuck Benoit said there was no threat to public security.

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