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& # 39; Fortnite & # 39; s & # 39; s New Year's Eve Functions Mixed players by time zones

"Fortnite" has become known for special events around the game, many of which are in line with real-world vacation. So, of course, the New Year's event is being celebrated, with the clock in mid-night with rings and fireworks.

But "Fortnite" is the world's leading player with more than 200 million players worldwide; Players from different areas will see it at different times during the new year. The creator of "Fortnite" was created with a simple solution to Epic Games, the "Fortnite" of the New Year at the top of every hour at 24 hours a day, all over the world.

However, some players who were surprised by the "Fortnite" during the first hours of the New Year's Eve were surprised when the fireworks arrived early to make their time zone. If the balls go down to "Fortnite" players, they must dance a few seconds so that the moment is impossible. Several players went to social networks to announce that "Fortnite's" New Year celebration started early.

To make sure of a sincere mistake, but the Fortnite community responds to the "early" event, which requires an answer to Epic Games. Mark Rein's Deputy Prime Minister and Mark Reindeer guessed that players thought they had made a mistake.

"Why do not you understand how schedules work or do you think that yours is the only destination in the world?" Re tuiteatu

Epic spokesman Nick Chester and Rein both later confirmed that the event could occur on a per hour hourly basis.

Fortunately, the event will open a wide community of "Fortnite" and reminds us that the Earth is not around the sun.

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