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& # 39; Heart disease, diabetes & # 39; night owls that are more at risk (representation image) & nbsp | & nbsp Credit photo: & nbspThinkstock

London: If you are a night owl or you prefer to sleep at night and when you wake up early, your heart's disease and risk of early-morning Diabetes are more at risk. According to the study, those with night preference preferences may be 2.5 times more likely to have those with Type 2 diabetes compared to morning sickness.

In addition, people with night-time preferences have more rational nutrition and a healthier diet, including most alcohol, sugar and fast food. They have lower consumption of fruit and vegetables, and energy drinks, alcoholic drinks, sugar and caffeine, and higher energy consumption, said Leonidas G. Karagounis, Nestle Health Sciences Researcher.

"Teens also have a regular diet of eating rat eating habits and a lower diet," said Suzana Almoosawi, researcher at Northumbria University, which could be a major health implication when they are commonplace in adolescence. United Kingdom.

They also found it too late for the day, because of the high risk of Mota-2 diabetes, the circulatory rhythm influenced by glucose in the body, according to the paper published in the food advancement journal. The natural level of glucose should decline during the day and get the lowest point in the night.

However, night ointments often eat before bedtime, the level of glucose increases when they are linked, the bodies that may have negative effects on metabolism do not follow the normal biological process.

The researchers also showed that the night owls staggered "sleepy" during the weekends and would have to sleep more at weekends, that is to say, early birds had smaller sleep patterns during the week.

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