Monday , June 5 2023

& # 39; I did not like it here with me? & # 39; AI Bot debuts hard on the ISS (VIDEO) chart – RT World News


A new mobile space robot is the first interactive artificial intelligence of the crew at the International Space Station, but it seems to be a unique and a bit aggressive debut.

CIMON, & # 39; Crew Interactive Mobile Assistant & # 39;, Airbus is a 6 million dollar plastic robot built by Airbus Aerospace Center in Germany. Hopefully the bumps will improve the efficiency and morale of the crew during long and lonely missions in space (Wilson reminds us of Castaway's remembrance).

The AI ​​power button has 12 internal fans while moving into microgravity conditions. It has an interactive screen, a cartoon-faced face, instructions to show, record videos, play music and search for objects.

CIMON ISS was released in June and the new European Space Agency (ESA) shows the first interactions with German astronaut Alexander Gerst.

If the mechanism continues, it is certain that CIMON is still somewhat oxidized and can make some melodies before considering Mars's mission. Bot did well in the basic demonstration as quickly as possible, but while Gerst asked CIMON for some musicians, things began.

About the video's 4:08 brand, CIMON begins to play and let it hurry to change music. At 6:04 mark, things are changing when CIMON starts worrying about Gerst:Did not I like here with me?"Before draining into the deck direction.

ESA is not highly recommended at the ice rally meeting, which is being written "happy with his departure"And"CIMON developers and Alexander expect CIMON to resume the action again. "

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As the space agency added, while CIMON sessions will not be planned in the future Horizons mission, it might "An astonishing support for astronauts, robotic assistants and artificial future intelligence in space. "

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