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& # 39; Man has been & # 39;; Indigenous Protestants have kidnapped Justin Trudeau with B.C. town hall


"I do not want to see your crocodile tears!"

For this reason, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the Thompson Rivers University (TRU) in Kamloops, B.C. Tuesday night.

TIPS: We can not decide "the right solution" to people of First Nations, Trudeau says

In the northwestern part of the city hall, 14 people were detained that same week, and GasLink on the coast built a natural gas pipeline that protested LNG Canada's major infrastructure for projects.

Reasons were Monday, same day Mounties B.C. The Supreme Court will order that the barriers to the project will be left next to a bridge through the forestry services south of Houston.

More developments took place on Wednesday, wetland suwet's chief legacy leaders said they opened the door open Unist & # 39; ot Camp, making a long-term structure to prevent the construction of pipes.

SEARCHER: Trudeau visits B.C. Between angry pipe protests

Trudeau said, to a large extent, that it was directed to friendly people: "What is your favorite part of your day?" – Before the frustrations of pipes, the federal governments began to approach Climate Change and First Nations.

First, Trudeau was Will George, a member of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation.

"You are talking about being a leading climate. You have not built the pipes for being a leading climate," said George.

"Truth and reconciliation with the First Nations and you have arrested our people."

Trudeau, answering the question of oil and gas emissions, asked Georg to "please respect" the question for the public. But George continued.

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"You are a lie and a weak leader. What will your children say to you? Pipelines do not make climate leaders," he said.

"I apologize, I will not lie, you are weak and you are a lie and you are not welcome here."

Trudeau later questioned a woman named Tilly, who identified herself as Stl's # at #Micn. Nation.

"What should you do to step down and put our people under colonization?" He asked.

"When will we give back our rights to anyone, who you are about to enter someone, and not to see it from our land?"

Trudea replied that Canada "has a long and empty history in terms of indigenous people," he said "it has consistently failed a country to maintain the spirit and intent of the agreements."

"We do not treat indigenous peoples as the territory's partners and administrators."

Trudeau has said that the federal government is basically the focus of two peoples: indigenous peoples: services and relationships.

TRATADO: Trudeau LNG protest arrested by police as a threat to death

"When there are too many boilers in the indigenous communities," they're "talking about what Tilly has questioned.

"You are afraid of losing your comfort," he said.

"No, I'm not, Tilly," replied Trudeau.

"I am willing to cooperate with you and that has been with you in the last three years".

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The couple continued to exchange the words, Tilly said: "I do not want to see the tears of your crocodiles, I do not apologize for forgiveness."

He said he was "changing," asking "in the name of my people."

Another protest cried out: "Man! A man!"

Trudeau said: "We have to respect everyone who has come to participate in this interview".

They said that when Canada's railways were not seen by anybody in their native countries.

"No one was checking the millions of people who lived here, part of the railroad, or not," said Trudeau.

"This is not how to continue."

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