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& # 39; Many questions & # 39; The outgoing Liberal MP will remain about Grewal: PM Trudeau

OTTAWA – "A lot of questions" will continue on the outcome of the Democratic Liberal Democrat MP, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau explained, about the Hill question.

"Obviously, there are many questions about the situation, Mr Grewal wants the best healing we want," said Trudeauk at the Liberal Council meeting.

Brampton East Raj Grewal's Liberale MP outbreak announced Thursday that he would leave "personal and medical reasons". He later sought out the treatment of the game.

On Tuesday, House of Commons spokeswoman Geoff Regan said the Parliament had not received official resignation from Grewal, who was still a Member of the Parliament.

In February, he was a member of the MP's Household Finance Committee. He participated in the revision of Canadian anti-money laundering regime. Asked, Trudea gave the comments he said and said "at this time there will be no comments."

On Friday, the Prime Minister's office expressed a statement that Grewal said he had treated "with professional health problems in the game" as "meaningful personal debt".

Trudeau said that Grewal was right at the time.

The PMO said last week they were not aware of the Peel Police School about Grewal's game, but they are aware that the RCMP has questioned "Mr Greila's Honor Commission on a Ethics Commission this year."

Commissioner of Ethics Grewal was invited to join the business conflict for conflict of interest during the Prime Minister's trip throughout India. The commissioner Mario Dion has not yet made his report or discovery.

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