Thursday , June 8 2023

& # 39; Married man & # 39; Justin Bieber says Jesus wants Music more


Justin Bieber gave his first Thanksgiving as a husband and wife, saying "love is not always easy," but adding that he was trying to make Jesus Christ as patient and shameless.

Canadian pop singer, at the age of 24, has been married to Baldwin at a film celebration last month, said 102 million Instagram followers Thursday was the first Thanksgiving holiday in the US.

"First thank you as a married man, thank you for the first time," Bieber wrote a message.

"Relationship is hard and love is not always easy, but thank you for showing how Jesus has taught me! Every day I am learning a process that wants more, patience, courage, kindness, a long way, but the god [sic] Grace is enough! "he added.

Bieber and Baldwin both go to the evangelical church of Hillsong, in 1983 he was born in Australia and nowadays they have horns around the world.

Bieber's reputation was a 15-year-old baby, but he has had many runners to become one of the leading stars during the tumultuous reign of the law.

Baldwin confirmed that he was married at the social media in the last week by Baldwin's "my wife," and changed the name of Hailey Bieber.

Thursday also was on his 22nd birthday, Bieber's mother Patti Mallette marked an Instagram Story showing her son Happy Birthday singing and showing his wife a cake.

"I * m! Thank you for being a daughter!" Mallette has been added to Twitter.

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