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& # 39; Marvel Captain & # 39; Star Brie Larson & # 39; The Ellen Show & # 39; They appeared on Friday

Recounting the path Captain Marvel Marvel Studios continues to reveal new information about Brie Larson's debut at the MCU.

Now fans can expect another look at the next superhero's cinema, as will be shown in Larson Ellen Show this Friday. And according to his prediction, we would get a new footage of the film.

Here's how the newsletter appeared on Larson's appearance on February 1.

"He spoke about the role of the incredible star in the film RoomHe won the Academy Award for Best Actor! Since then, among other things, he has had movies Kong: Skull Island and Glass Castle, and fascinated him as a comic book and filmmaker Captain MarvelThe next chapter in the exciting Marvel Cinematography of the Universe! Brie will play titles, and all fans are looking forward to the portrait of a well-known superhero! Ellen looks at the movie when he stops! "

Two filmmakers are already released, and there is no promise of another video that appears to be hopeful, but we have just released the premiere. Captain Marvel We would not be surprised if Larson opens up something new.

Fans has been curious about the upcoming film of Marvel Studios, and has been tested by producer Jonathan Schwartz in the mixtures of the previous French films.

"Something happens," Schwartz said about "Do you know, Carol is in a very funny way. She does not feel like it Doctor Strange, as it does not feel Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. like the one who makes his voice special, and that is the voice we want to achieve.

"Which is not a joke for a minute, [like] Rocket Racoon [in] Galaxian Guardians, that is, very funny, "Schwartz added." And it's not super-based, heavy heavy, like our other films. I think I live in many places Doctor StrangeHe takes a very serious film and movie, but the character leaves it fun. "

Captain Marvel The Festival will premiere on March 8, and fans can see Larson's guest Ellen Show this Friday.

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