Monday , October 18 2021

& # 39; Neil Peart retired to Drumming, & # 39; Rush Bassist Says – Rolling Stone


In a new interview with SiriusXM's Eddie Trunk, Rush was not only playing Geddy Lee, but playing with Neil Peart was playing with Rush, but he made a repeating play.

"Neil retired," he said. "He has not only retired from Rust, Rumor withdrew, he is no longer playing, and lives his life. How beautiful – Alex [Lifeson] and I'm cool with it. We are all still in total. In fact, Alex and I stayed there for a few weeks now and we were in touch. And, of course, Alex lives with me very well, so we'll go to dinner, which I loved to drink at my winery. We still are, and we all speak, but this period of our lives is done. "

The getaway has been deactivated completely R40 Live Tour in 2015 Band's 2016 documentary Time Stand Still Pearte had a terrible physical pain with a long stroke, because he had a foot infection, though he wanted to go for a walk. "Neil was struggling to play his peak during that tour, physical illness and other things that went with him," Lee told Trunk. "And he is a perfectionist and he did not want and what he should do to make people want less than expected, that's what drives his career, and that's why he's going to get out of the way and I totally respect him."

Lee has been paying close attention to writing her new book Geddy Lee's Big Bass Book Since the end of the tour, but now it's over, he started thinking about creating new music. "Is there more music than myself and Alex?" He said. "I do not know when and what form it will take. I do not know what Alex and I will do together. People are asking me and I want to be a definitive decision, and I can not be because I really did not think far."

In a conversation Rolling StoneIn Ryan Reed in October, Lee proposed Lifeson to create music, unlike Rush. "To see Rush again see Alex, Geddy, Neil," he said. "But do we want to see one or two or three of us? It's possible."

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