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& # 39; Orville & # 39; Emotional Turn performs on "Home" –

Review: "Home"

The Orville Season 2, Episode 3 – Aired Thursday, January 10, 2019

Written by Cherry Chevapravatdumrong

Jon Cassar directed

When Alara Kites and Al-Kitan make a modest kiss in Alara, Finn finds Alara losing both muscle mass and bone density due to the normal anxiety of Orville plots. His home planet, Xeleya, has a higher gravity. The need to return home has to be resurrected with greater gravity and recovery of bone density and strength.

Together with his family, Alaria may have relationships with his parents and his or her, trying to solve the horrific home invasion. The result is as clear as comedy, but it is full of emotion and emotion.

Seth MacFarlane, Halston Sage and Adrianne Palicki "at home"


In the fan community it has been known that the actress of Halston Sage came out this month Orvilleat least for a long time. "House", in fact, the Halston Sage movie song, the author Cherry Chevapravatdumrong has given her an excellent performance. Alara is a passage that shows Kitan's inner strength, as in the last season "Firestorm" (also written Chevapravatdumrong). In the first chapter, Captain Mercer argues that Alaria does not force Xeleyan to force his supervisor, but rather a "skill set". In this episode, Kitan shows the skill set in the bunches. witnesses, scrutiny of the scene of crime and fighting against a stronger and more anti-military disadvantaged.

Alara is an Orville replacement boat, Lt. Tharl's widowed officer elephant, who considers Patrick Warburton as a boycott. TrekMovie shows the tendency of the Temarc River to comment on the final chapter's comments, "Primal Urges": "[The show has a] Realistic, realistic stereotypical prosthesis creation, and then foreigners – and * they speak * – at the beginning of the 21st century, to the hipster accents. "Tharlek calls the" sick "and" bitchin "to the ship, and his former captain had a" boner "for him, but" it's not a boner boner, a professional boner. "I lived through my life without listening to that. Well, Tharl also eats a bridge (there is no Tupperware container!), but otherwise the section argument is not going forward. Do not expect the character to stop at the show.

Patrick Warburton's "Home"


It is a family drama, the star of the "Home" cycle. The episode includes "Firestorm" wires, Ildis Kitan patriarka (excellent veteran Trek, Robert Picardo) as an intelligent intellectual. Her younger daughter has done it. Mother Drenal (another Trek Alum, Molly Hagan) is considered but does not understand why her "military" daughters would be included. By the way, "military" everyone describes the planet's Union fleet.

When Xeleya arrived, Alaria illuminates her father's pain. "You can do everything I need to hear from you". "That's all, once and maybe it would be a lie, but I needed that, Father – I really needed it." She sees her as a "failing roots" of the Family, and she wants to respect her work as well as who she is. It is a matter of resonance with many young people who go to the whole world, and their parents differentiate from what they expected.

Robert Picardo and Molly Hagan "at home"

While making her a charming little girl in her house, Alara's father says that he performs actions, "To do this, Father. You can." And while her father listened to the words he heard, Alarak not only resolved the plot, but also a desperate desires for a family reunion. It's very clean, but incredulous and authentic.

It plays the menacing pair Star Trek: CompanyJohn Billingsley, Kerry O & # 39; Malley with his wife. The convinence of both of them portrays the charm and wonder of his early charade, and then becomes a scoundrel of baffles and scoundrel killer. Honestly, the tone of the kidnapping scenes was very intense, forming the "V" component of this "DLV" title.

John Billingsley "at home"


The topics under this passage are the differences between classes. Gordon Malloy describes Xeleya as "the best planetary planet," and says CGI looks great, "You know, such places have been realized … God is a trash. My family is a trash." The family of Kites looks great and modern in the house He lives in a remote island and owns another ornament. The islands are home to the Xeleyan skimmer designed and designed by the skateboard, as Mercedes or BMW match up with antigabyte technology. He lives in another house of the house to keep the holiday property on the island to another small house, and after the kidnapping of the Frizzian champagne Cambis Borrin Kitan family, he says "Oh, Ildis, stay with us! Is it a top class business?"

Class differences amongst humans Star Trek rarely, usually as a utopia of the society represented by the Federation, without class divisions. The TOS The episode, "The Cloud Minders" contrasts the inhabitants of Stratos with the neighboring cloud-mining Troglytes below. Recently, in the first season Star Trek: discovery Episode, "Choose Your Pain," was imprisoned by Harry Mudden as he was accusing the Lorca captain of saying: "Have you ever been looking for little boys in your spaceship? If you had any of them, you realize that there is much more there than here, and we're sick and tired. trapped in the cross ". Interestingly, in that episode, Starfleet was seen as a senior elite. OrvilleThe Union fleet is more a class of workers. It's about exploring fascinating differences.

Xelayah "at home"


"Home" also mentions Billingsley and O & # 39; Malley's characters, who seeks revenge against Dr. Picardo Ildis Kitan, diverted Galdus Harona's son, an extended vaccine. Ildis's paper set out a rigorous Method of Questioning and Concurrent Mistakes, which had a major impact on Galdus's involvement in many years of depression, until he finally took his life.

While "Primal Urges" is not the focus of an episode of pornographic pornography during the last month, it presents this family of accusation and kidnapping as an "exemption for exemption". Orville expresses its current controversy over extended use of vaccines. It is not unusual for Seth MacFarlane to take up stands against public statements of Hollywood celebrations when he thinks they are wrong.

Seth MacFarlane and Scott Grimes "at home"

In the end, the "House" gets the best time of the second season of the season. The show seems to be a good mix of actions, dramatic nature, social comment and humor.


  • He returns to Jason Alexander Olix, in Guinan Orville?
  • Alara's home planet is called "Xeleyah" in the subtitles subtitles and in some material promotions. It is not clear to me that it reflects a change that spells the names of this planet or it's just a typical mistake
  • Isaac / Alara uses the comScanner code for the fight fight arm 7-4-9-9-A-6
  • Yaphet (Norm McDonald) appears in this section and has a line, after being almost absent in the first two seasons of the season
  • The Mercer Hardsuit Captain gives Iron Man armor visibility tips
  • Gordon: "Hang on – I always wanted to try something on this planet, which he did with me." The bottle draws the external shield, it twists to the ground. In this episode, the relationship between class issues ("trash") and Gordon littering?
  • The image of a savage Eev, who is in the room of Alai, leaves the dream of Karen's family assets and a dream that makes her horse ride across Alara's beach.
  • "Yaphet's six-month appraisal was last week and he asked what parenting policy is for." "Why Thinking is Childbirth?" "We can not legally ask." Kelly and Ed, short, funny bit
  • "I have a theory. I think the soldiers and the intellectuals are secretly the ones who want the brains, and they want the brain to try to take away the drunk boarding they want." "Why can not a person?" – Solanna Kitan and Alara
  • Dr. Ildis & # 39; Xeleyan Journal of Science & # 39; called The Mellara Vaccine, and its effects on Torin's Syndrome Risk: Testa Formal.
  • "I did not report a vaccine when it is not dangerous!" – Dr. Kitan
  • In this episode there is a lot of violence. Cambis introduces Ildis's hand into the trivalve sauce and cut Solana's toes into a garden with a shear. Alda fights and kills Floratta, and Cambis dies. Pretty stuff stuff, Orville.
  • "I do not know, I never knew." "I wanted to know, dad. I was always proud of everything I wanted" – Ildis and Alara
  • "We have been able to create a finite set of synthetic synthesizer simulations in the simulator." – Lamarre raises the question if Orville has artificial gravity, why is it not so difficult?
  • Ala's gift is Ed's drinking bottle, it's first called Al-Alara's favorite command to open the "locked bucket" when the door is closed.
  • Alara's greetings show no more dialogue, more than music, and shows a great smile on Halston Sage. His departure points out the departure of Denise Crosby's first season of character Natasha Yar TNG. Orville it was better
  • The foreign-starred vision of the head-wrestling scene has a sound like Wallace Shawn. He can not be that, though, can not he?

Xelayan eevek in "Home"

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