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& # 39; Outlander & # 39; Recap: Season 4, Chapter 7 – & # 39; Down the Rabbit Hole & # 39;


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Both Brianna and Roger jump during this season this week outlander, thank you. It was fun to see Jamie and Claire's channel Bob Vila, and all but Frasers and Rog all in one place (and to the west), so I'm glad to come across, a lot of fun, evil wickedness and a telephone game. forward!

In a related note, the episodes of this week include two characters that we have not seen a bit: Frank and Laoghaire. For the first time, especially in the case of Laoghaire, we will see the aspects that do not see clearly the story from Claire's perspective. Also, Nell Hudson does not get enough credit as master of Jamie's wife.

But wait, before forgotten: Was it Frank? know it Claire returned again?

Read "Down the Rabbit Hole" to highlight.

* I do not know what I'm saying You will, and soon!

Outlander Reap Season 4 Episode 7 Down the Rabbit HoleBRIANNA ARRANGED | Brianna, when she came back to the old Scottish district, passes through the snow of Highlands. Sometimes it looks at the old map, but a little bit like civilization is a bit far away. At one point, the fall and the ankle hurt you. When it cools it when it sucks an inflammation in an ice stream, it seems that it goes wrong. But he pushes it on the road and sleeps under the stars. It can start a fire, using a box of matches that meant soccer, and it makes a peanut butter and jelly in a sandwich.

The next morning, however, it has a lot of pain and looks pretty crystal. While walking through the woods, he sees smoke from a fireplace outside the home. But before doing anything about that, he goes through.

Outlander Reap Season 4 Episode 7 Down the Rabbit HoleREAD, LAOGHAIRE! | Bree dreams / remember herself as a young girl, with Frank (hi, Tobias Menzies!) She slowly walks as she sleeps in the car she slept. When it really wakes up, it gets into a bed at a comfortable home and Laoghaire – !!! – He was his savior.

Wenchest wench never wenched Laoghaire and Joanie went to the house, when they found Bree near a tree. "We did not have the opportunity to take home with us," explains the old woman, presenting herself and her younger daughters while Bree continues to say. Brianna tells that she was going to England, but her parents are in North Carolina, and they will meet. "Marsali in North Carolina!" Joanie pipe up.

Note before moving: In Autumn drumsBrianna Lallybroch first appears. It's here when I met him and The first interaction with Jenny and Laogha is very different (read: Breek knows who he is immediately, and everyone cheats on Laoghaire as he was behind the Cranesmuir business. In summary, they say they are very different from each other.) "We planned to go to Lallybroch and we did some good things," said executive producers Matthew B. Roberts, "and then, through the availability of actors, we could not exactly tell the story we could not say, so we had to upgrade" .

Outlander Reap Season 4 Episode 7 Down the Rabbit HoleSHIPPIN & # 39; OUT | In 1969, Roger and Fiona went to Craig na Dun. She shaved her shawl and dressed her during the preparation of her journey, getting money, compass, knife and some gemstones to safely see in the past. While they go to the circle, they hear rumors, but Fiona can not. "The stones are called to me," he recalls. They embrace it, go to the stone and put its palms on it. Later, Fi!

We do not see it again until 1700, when Carolina passed. Oh look, Roger has found another hat. Joy Captain of Gloriana – wait a minute, it's Stephen Bonnet! – He says he will go to Wilmington, but he is no longer allowed to travel. Therefore, Roger raises a shoulder bar that proves enough to enter the crew. Bonnet looks brilliant, so it puts a coin in order to decide whether Rog or aboard it. When Roger makes a favorable vote, Bonnet guts "There are four ports before Wilmington. I hope he deserves it."

A VERRA INTEREST DEVELOPMENT | On the first night of Laoghaire, Ian Laoghaire donates money. But it is not the total amount of the monthly pensions that Jamie owes, and will talk about it. The next morning, he dresses Breek Marsali and helps Laoghaire and Joanie in the garden. That's what the little girl tells about her "Da", who raised her, but was not her father's biologist. They are connected to two courtes by their mothers, those good men who were not in love.

And this is a very intense period of Brianna's graduation period. Teen's dad finds herself in her office in Harvard, drunk and despondent. He will not say why, but when he asks Breek to do some paperwork at the table, we have We can see a copy of Claire and Jamie's death that Roger and Bree have found each other independently. "It's thrown into the hands of a researcher from Scotland," adding that he adds "immediately." He finally sends it to his house and leaves it.

IT IS INTERESTING, NO, OLDLANDERS? In books, Frank is aware that he has survived the battle of Jamie Cullod, but it is not clear how much he has done. But minor changes mean that Frank did not only know that Jamie was finally killed in North Carolina … but that's it Claire was with her when it happened. In this way, as you can see this scene, Frank realizes what does not happen, Claire again leaves it and returns it with stones. Also, why can he be described – Season 3 and another flashback in this episode – Brianna encourages her to go to England: if Claire leaves it, she may be broken in her terms, maybe Bree a bit to keep a little pain? Or maybe Claire makes things simpler before joining the ends ends?

Of course, Brianna did not say anything. And when it announces divorce and moves, it excludes both. "Sometimes life breaks unexpectedly, and when it's done, you know what we do, we're a soldier," he says, but he's very bad and he's not going to talk anymore. Unfortunately, we know this before arriving at the car accident, saying that a last conversation was annoyed. A few years later, in his grave, Brianna cries out that he will be "soldier".

Outlander Reap Season 4 Episode 7 Down the Rabbit HoleDAY TIME | He is swimming at Bree's Laoghaire, while Lallybroch is saying. Brian goes up and says that his relatives live there and his mother's time has passed. "And who could be your mother?" Laoghaire politely asks. "Claire Fraser," replied Bree. Hold on the stomachs, get out of here! Laoghaire's way is very fragile from her mother. That's why it's a ghost of Bree, Blonde besom talks about how Claire left Jamie as she was pregnant. "I want to repeat these things myself," he adds, airily, which causes me riffaw.

"I can avoid their deaths when I go now. It will be a fire," says Bree, who immediately makes Laoghaire suspect. Um, Brianna? The first rule of the time travel club? THERE ARE NOT TIME-TRAVEL CLUB. In the end, Laoghaire only wants the money he wants, and fears Frasers sent him to Bree for his imprisonment. "Your mother stole my husband and steals me!" He says, and things get bigger from here.

Breek is going to do things, Laoghaire continues. "Claire Fraser thought she was smoking in Cranesmuir's game," he said, a penny that Brianna goes down: "Oh, my God, you're trying to kill my mother!" At Laoghaire, Breek Claire's brother focuses on the latest witch's idea and he says much. "I think it's easier than sure to look at the truth. And it's true that Jamie Fraser never loves you, "Breek goes back. So Laoghaire says she's going to enter the room and be a guest at sorcery.

BONNET & BADDIE | In Gloriana, Roger respects a woman traveling with children. At night, a woman screamed and screams to see what happens. A young traveler has a mess, and his mother Bonnet offers him not to let him out of the window to spread the disease. Roger begs his bonnet, but the cold stone captain drives the child to the icy waters. Her mother comes back next to her. They are two convicts. Roger is amazed that Bonnet looks at everyone for everyone and makes anyone sick.

The mother of the child, Morag MacKenzie, worships: the baby is a baby, and it seems like a pox it does, but that's not it. Therefore, Roger commits himself and his baby to hide Jemmy and brings food, eventually Bonnet realizes and confronts them. "Do you want MacKenzie to say that you are a game man?" Bonnet asks him to see if a coin hits Roger or dies. It comes out in itself; Bonnet only leaves

YOU WOULD LIKE TO BREE | Bree opens a window to his new prison. Joani opens the door to Lallybroch. "It's not your fault your mother is a witch," she tells her. What good boy!

Jenny helps her grandparents, but Ian is at home when Bree arrives. He says, he says, Claire says she has her eyes and calls it "an unexpected blessing." Afterwards, he gives money to buy the pass to the colony, the bridge of the old Claire dress and the way to go to the Jocasta River. Run when you arrive in North Carolina. Men, Ian is always the best.

In the harbor, before the passage of the Bree book, he has approached a man named Joseph Wemyss, who asks his daughter to be a servant. Brianna is disinterested, but acquires a little bit about the story of what another takes to buy her little girl and what she considers herself as her concubine. So pretty soon, Brianna and Lizzie Wemyss (they do not see what I thought from the book, but they're all) are directed to Philip Alonsora.

When they arrived before the ship, Brianna looked back at her and Frank seemed to be standing and honestly swore. Then he turns around and goes into the next adventure.

Now it's your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound your comments!

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