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& # 39; Smallville & # 39; Star Allison Mack refers to Scientology in Sex-Slave Cases as Defense

By category SmallvilleAllison Mack is taking an interesting look at the actress defending against paying job costs: Scientology.

According to Deadline, the Brooklyn Federal High Court has called on the National Court to release a "warranty" from former former Chloe Sullivan ex-spokesperson for the Brooklyn Court – naked photos and inappropriate statements against relatives – is not a " serious work "in the case of" severe harm "in the cases required. The courts argue that despite the shame of guarantee, there is no serious damage to the statutes.

And this is when Scientology entered.

The argument refers to a case in 2009, since the Scientology Church was sued without success.

"Although the court did not find an opponent to be forced to stay in the organization, if they wanted to leave, they would be" excommunicated "with their friends and family and they would be called a" dissenter. "Macken's lawyer said:" The threat and isolation threats to mum was not so seriously damaged ".

Apart from the conspiracy of serious work, he has also been responsible for the conspiracy of sexual trafficking and sexual trafficking. When he was arrested this last spring, Mack had a bond of $ 5 million and was detained, although he was allowed to go to college, plus extra time outside home to perform basic rituals (for example, a grocery store). well

Last fall, the news featured the Mack team, a former organization described as worship. Then in April, Mack officially arrested Nxivm leader Raniere who was arrested in Mexico in March. Mack and Ranier are not guilty of original charges. Ranier was convicted in June.

If they condemned new charges, Mack has been jailed for conspiracy, forced conspiracy and alcohol fraud for 20 years to charge conspiracy charges for up to 15 years for identity theft of conspiracy costs. However, a mandatory minimum prison period of more than 15 years old Mack deals with conspiracy costs for sexual trafficking and sexual trafficking.

Macken's trial begins on January 7.

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