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& # 39; Teen Mom & # 39; Fans Slam Farrah Abraham, his daughter Sophia Do This

Farrah Abraham does not seem to need anything. First Teen loves Star recently got blasted after her 9-year-old daughter, Sophia's images released, wear makeup in the media. Fans obviously did not see the abilities of Abraham's parents shocked and quickly criticized Sophia's makeup.

"Why is she wearing make-up?" He wrote a fan.

"Why makeup all," added another user. "It's natural that it's nice and still so young."

Some fans also told Abraham that he thought that his daughter was wearing make-up while it seemed to damage her image.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Abraham reacted to make-up on his young daughter.

The reality star shared similar photos of Sophia in the past, and even though she decided after her daughter's basic school.

According to Ren In Touch WeeklyThe school brought Abraham to talk about his full-face makeup makeup. Although Abraham made his decision, he admitted that it was the only school mum.

Abraham also kills his daughter's image for everyone. Abraham explained more clearly that the shirt was part of the personal fashion shop of Sophia and only promoted the brand ChickByGlossy.

The fans had a clear look of make-up, Abraham spent Christmas on the beach on the beach.

First Teen Mom OG One star took part on a sexy holiday holiday on the beach and left little in the green bikini. His look ended with the traditional Santa hat.

See this message on Instagram

These days have been some of the best days of my life, today is Sophia's Father's 10th anniversary, Derek Underwood, the love of my life's car accident 28/28/2008, my life has changed forever. See Sophia tonight, my parents' parents rejoice at the fiftieth anniversary of my home. I can not believe that I have ever lived today I never thought I had ever thought of sadness, suicidal thinking, depression, anxiety and pain, without losing any of my loved ones for what I love today. The family and love that has been with me for ten years over the past decade has been lovingly, gratefully and confident, and we are blessed with the best angel of Derek, this new decade will be one of the best new years and I'm so happy and happy Thanks, Derek, let's see all of you and experience our best life as our daughter. It may be our last ❤️ so much love

A shared message by FARRAH ABRAHAM (@farrah__abraham)

Fans does not know how to agree with the parent's abilities, but Abraham clearly does not care what it is.

He was Abraham Teen Mom OG in the first 7 seasons. It was the 2017 show, in the midst of a controversial decision to continue its career in the sexual industry.


Farrah Abraham has not commented on her latest daughter's reaction.

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