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& # 39; The Voice & # 39; premiere: After John Legend's story, & # 39; block & # 39; Does the twist go too far?

Shelton and Clarkson (when the chair was erected) as Rigdon argued, Shelton clearly denied that it was blocked by the Legend. In the end Rigdon chose Team Blake.

"Someone used John lock," said Shelton. "But thank you, God, because I got my Gyth."

"He's a new boy, he is growing up," Levin said. "Is this how you treat our new friend or not?"

"Dead cold," agreed legend.

A little later, Legend became the same block locked twice as Clarkson hit the lock button, when Rizzi Myers, 29 years old at Nashville, was impressed with Ariana Grande's "Breathin". Shelton, Clarkson and Legend turned around, but once again they denied the chance.

"We made great music together, but I think Kelly blocked me," said Legend to Myers.

"John is a threat," said Levin. "We are all John's fear. He's been here, like it, for an hour."

"I've blocked it twice!" Legend said.

Clarkson wanted a "soulful" singer, so when Myers heard it, he had to eliminate the contest: "I used John lock. It's new. You do not know that you need to go fast, someone will block you," he said.

"This is my first season chair. I am studying" Legend admitted.

Of course, it was fun, it's a television show, and so on. However, when is it too far? For coaches, it might be a frustrating one, but competitors can legitimately hurt their chances, especially if the coach continues to get the coach.

When the first time was introduced, producers tried to worry, saying they were "stealing" later in that competition, even if the singer had been eliminated from a group that he did not know before, it could be a better coach.

"You are not necessarily blocked in a group. You may be stolen, you can not change it, so we did not have enough and did not try to go there," said executive producer Audrey Morrissey to the reporters last year. "As you can see, things work better. In a way, everything works well. We love it."

Surely, theoretically, even though the bus has been progressing, then the singer is a bad luck. Although they are committed to taking part in so many reality shows, they are rarely always. As the premiere progressed, Legendans became wise in this truth.

"I also have a block button, three of them. They have their names," said Legend. At the end of his passion, he won a great competitor (Matthew Johnson, a 25-year-old from Florida, singing "I Smile" by Kirk Franklin), and was very pleased to show his fellow coaches. "I feel for the whole blockade".

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