Friday , January 15 2021

& # 39; There is no proof & # 39; Working with the toothbrushes, he finds the German government reports

HThe German health insurance company no longer has to pay for dental stops, after seeing significant governmental governments, they do not prove it.

"We can not say that orthodontic treatment is expected to be in the medium and long term," Ann Marini, spokesman for the public health insurance federation, said Welt am Sonntag.

Marini warned that its Federation should now take into account that the insurers have the opportunity to change policies to finance their tooth braces, paying 1,100 million euros annually.

The last day of the announcement is published after the publication of the commission for the orthodontic treatment committee.

The meta-study of the IGES Institute reports that there is no evidence that there was no evidence to detect long-term dental health benefits.

"In general, studies conducted in the field of diagnostic and therapeutic orthodontics can not conclude that patients receive a high level of benefit," the report found. He also stated that it was "obvious" that long-term studies did not receive data on the causes of dental loss or secondary illness.

The German Ministry of Health tried to avoid discovery, proving that the evidence did not show that the keys had health benefits, "they do not even reject them." Health Minister Jens Spahn said he was "certainly" dealing with orthodontics.

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