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& # 39; This and other players could not & # 39;: OHL Commissioner calls statements of abuse & # 39; disease & # 39;


The Hockey League in Ontario says his organization failed players.

David Branch did not know how bad it was for players like Daniel Carcillo. Carcillo and other players were brutally accused of hazing this week.

In a conversation with CBC Sports, Branch called "sickening" allegations.

"This and other players took part in my vision, and we were shocked, and you know, I do not know how to put it," says Branch.

In the last days, members of Sarnia Sting 2002-03 recently explained what they were going through.

"I got home from my house when I was 17 years old with my dream of doing something for myself and with the NHL, and that I and I have been in daily routine for 11 years," says Carcillo, and won two. Stanley Cups with Chicago Blackhawks.

Carcillo's bus stops were naked accurately and his teammate drank tobacco juice on him. He also said the player was naked bare, tied and jagged beaten by a goalie goalie.

Carcillo was in direct contact

Some of his teammates, including the goalkeeper Ryan Munce, quickly demonstrated the allegations by Carcillo and told them their stories.

"They were like KKKs [Ku Klux Klan] Because there was a girl from a different nationality, Hitler signed up to our group, until she tears, "recalls Munce.

"This is a day of abuse every day, one day, hanging on the table and belts and stuff, that is, the rococo of the day."

Watch Daniel Carcillo has been reporting abuse for 17 years:

The two-winning Stanley Cup champion tells the story of a hazing story, one of OHL coaches considered a team member of a belt. 0:51

As Branch says, Carcillo directly contacted Sunshine about what was going on. He visited the research team, but management and coaches said there were no serious events.

"It seemed that they described a situation, which, in my opinion, was not something that demanded a specific discipline," Branche emphasized.

"This situation was the players who played the laundry in the team and left them in the hall and you know the kind of exceptions against such creatures and things. That was really what I remembered for me and the debate."

Manager Jeff Perry, Sarnia, in 2002-03, initially questioned Carcillo's claims, knowing that management had abuse. However, Carcillo tweeted on Thursday that he had recruited Perry from the managers.

CBC Sports's call to Perry on Wednesday did not want to go back.

Branch has made a great hazing league in 2005. That year, the Windsor Spitfires League fines and suspensions prevailed over hazing events.

"That was the first time, and quite true, from the beginning, the only time that comes from hazing and the like," Branche says.

However, he has set some league initiatives, including a tolerance zero tolerance policy.

We & # 39; ve had support for players & # 39;

"We needed help from players, make sure what they understood, what is acceptable, what else. And, more importantly, I'd suggest it. Here's how you can go if you are not comfortable with your coach or CEO," Branch says.

It also underlined several health emergency programs for emergencies.

"People are looking at our lineage as an international Hockey League No. 1 development, but this is our view of the last 10 to 15 years, how do we accept people? And that's where we are making tremendous progress, I'm proud."

Check out that the former member of the Carcillo group suffers from abuse:

In the exclusive CBC News interview, former Sarnia Sting goaltender Ryan Munce receives abuse in junior hockey. 3:11

In the Hockey community, Branch's feelings seem to be echoed by hockey culture in the hazing culture.

"I think many things have changed," says Eric Wellwood, OHL's Flint Firebirds coach.

"In my experience with OHL, in 2006, at the age of 16, as well as being the main coach of this league, all the bad and bad things that surround the league have been eliminated, especially Hazing. And, in the end, I think OHL deserves that credit and truth to dive into a story that can be, but it happened a long time ago. "

On Thursday night, OHL published a statement confirming anti-hazing policy commitment.

"Given the recent focus on Hazing, the team has teamed up with team management, and all members of our team have a review of all the players and players on this important issue," read the statement.

"Our hope is dialogue, education and awareness, the attitudes that hazing behavior and the unthinkable actions make sport and society disappear."

I hope the change has occurred

Some of today's NHL players have reacted with the comments of Carcillo, such as Vancouver Canucks, before Bo Horvat.

"It's hard to hear such things, but I think that this type has disappeared in my hockey victor," says Horvat.

"I've heard a lot about it and I've heard that boys have gone through the past few years, but I think we cracked when I started junior, so I did not get something like that. Thank God."

Carcillo and others hope Branch and Horvat are correct. Carcillo also tells the story of what Sarnia Sting's team had to say.

At the same time, the change in hockey does not happen overnight.

"When you are on a special purpose, unfortunately, you will accept what you want and accept it," says Carcillo.

"And if you talk and talk too much about the hockey world and ask too many questions, you do not like it, it's a good soldier and what they say."

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