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& # 39; This is the only test & # 39;: British colombians receive emergency alert 2 test

The BC continental phones send a tone alert tone on Wednesday, 1:55 p.m.

Alert Ready was part of the federal, provincial and regional government cooperation initiative to deal with catastrophes.

Wednesday's warning system was tested for the second time.

The first alerts came out in May and they encountered many problems. According to reports, the British colombians did not receive an alert on their phones.

Jennifer Rice, the Parliamentary Secretariat for Emergency Training, said more people arrived on a Wednesday alert, but there is still room for improvement.

"There is no perfect system, we will reach 100 percent of the people we need, but we want to continue to spread and spread as many people as possible".

Jennifer Rice, Deputy Secretary of the Secretary of State for Emergency Workshops, has helped the government solve mistakes with the emergency alert system. (CBC)

In order to operate alerts, your smartphone must be started on the latest operating system and must be connected to a LTE or 4G network.

Concerns about accessibility

Alerts also have air and television on the radio.

Jeremy Hunka, spokesman for the Gospel Mission in the Union, said that nobody has phones, especially homeless people and the elderly.

"Some will receive these alerts, but nobody will do it, like the poor quality of the air and extreme weather, our guests would be in danger in an emergency," Hunka said.

"And they can not get the verbs from everyone else."

Jeremy Hunka, with the Gospel Union mission, said that there is no accessibility regarding the accessibility of mental abilities and homeless people in B.C. (CBC)

The system will be used to report potential tsunamis, making plans for future deployment to other emergencies.

B.C. RCMP may also use the Amber Alert notification system.

CBC BC has asked whether Facebook and Twitter have received a current notification. Here are some of what I was saying:

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