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& # 39; Why is it laughing in my name? & # 39; The airline pardons employees after shaking their bizarre name – RT United States of America


The American airline must be forced to apologize after a complaint by a mother, a member of the staff imitated her daughter's name … She was named Abcde.

The mother who has been denounced by Traci Redford has been mocked in social networks now appointing her 5-year-old child Abcde, which is obviously Ab-city. Many Twitter users reacted to the name of the released employee. Others, however, thought why Mum thought the naming of the first five letters of the alphabet, it was a good idea.

According to Redford, Southwest Airlines' unnamed name began to laugh, pointing to their mother and children, talking to other workers about it, and capturing the child's boarding pass. The name given to the images was published in social networks, where he knew someone in the family.

Redford said ABC7 had confused his children why they would work for them. "He said:" Mom, why is he laughing in my name? "And they told me that nobody was pleasing, and nobody would be pleasant and sad."

The mother of Texan also claimed her complaint in the next two weeks, the airline failed or responded.

Chris Mainz's Spokeswoman Spokes a Family "Honest Apology" In a statement about Buzzfeed News. Mainz posted social media "It's not care, respect and society." airlines are expecting it.

The 2014 data indicates that Abcde is a unique name, shared by 328 other people in the U.S.

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