Wednesday , October 20 2021

4 Deaths in Saskatchewan's flu to date this season, as the province says


Saskatchewan killed four people from September to December this year, according to the latest province's impact.

Lab-affirmed influenza cases have also increased during this period, both 2017 and 2016 at the same time.

Between September 1 and December 8 this year, a total of 866 people were confirmed to be influenza. In 2017, from September 1 to December 9, 170 cases were confirmed and, in 2016, there were 87 cases, from September 1 to December 10.

Eleven people have been subjected to intensive treatments this season with the flu, the report says. By comparison, in the same 2017 period, two people joined the UCLC and, in 2016, they would not be allowed on December 10.

The Canadian Public Health Agency has reported that on Tuesday, December 8th, on Tuesday, December 8th, it has killed 16 dead in Canada this season.

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