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"Get out!" Jason MomoaHe shrieked with a sharp, shrill eye on Madame Tussaud's chamomile champagne Aquaman press conference in New York. Suddenly, the 39-year-old actress was like a boy at the candy store, with a very detailed wax, for the first time watching a superhero looking at children. But it is not the only reaction.

"My first experience was wearing a suit, it was really beautiful and I never really said it [director James Wan] This, "said Mom." I put it, I did not have a mirror, and I went out and saw the closet him face. It's always passionate and you'll know right away. But the total joy – it was like a boy – he said: "I did it". He was proud and had no need to say anything, I saw him on his face. "

Mom, director James Wan, and member members Amber Heard and Patrick WilsonWho entered them? Aquaman press conference Saturday, December 1 in New York, Aquaman Watching your favorite superhero is to surprise the children of surprise. And no, they're just dummies for the wax. However, they are very similar ("I know everything I do wrong!" Mom said). Momoa, Wan, Heard and Wilson introduced personal and mythical elements Aquaman, and a long way to take it to the big screen.

Here are some of the great things we've learned how to do things Aquaman Before the release of the film December 21, 2018

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Jason Momoa Drew From Own Life to Play Aquaman

After being born in childhood and raised in Iowa, Momma can be something that is divided between two worlds. The semi-Hawaiian half-chican actor could have had a wonderful opportunity, as Aquaman was usually shown as blond and blue in 2014, but casting was perfect:

"It's a good thing to be able to relate someone who is really [of] two different cultures. And each of these cultures does not know about another. In Hawaii, I definitely do not know anything about Iowa and Iowans, I do not know about Hawaii, so I thought something. "

Another thing that really helped me was raised by a single parent, "added Mom." I had nothing to do with all my life and my life ", that his condition was raised by Arthur Curry and that a single parent raised (played Temuera Morrison). Both are the descendants of the Polynesian Mom and Morrison, adding another cultural specification of Momoa's castings.

"Coming from the Polynesian islands, we have so many water gods, and there were so many folklore, and so many mythological islands that arrived: Channel, Tangua and Maui," Mom said, adding:

"[With Aquaman] is there [a Poseidon-like figure] And I'll play it, and honestly it will be the first mixed-race superhero. In 2018, like this: "Really? Is not nobody?" And that is the honor. And who's who I am and all its mistakes? I do not have to be Superman, do not judge me. I play in a way that divides between these two worlds. "

Aquaman acted as both the Fastest and Advanced Progress Groups

The story of fantasy productions is something we are hearing from superhero films Aquaman He was in another level, he described the stars. "It was a huge scale of cinema, it needed so many groups and participants and people," explained Heard. "Sometimes we would have a tents for lunch and you could see four or five doubles yourself. I worked on my ass … but we thanked the stunt team, I would not have to do it without it."

But Wilson added the trick group, Aquaman The cinema was a challenge. Which is a group of professionals who work for superhero films to say something.

"We had stunt boys, saying:" Wow, I never had four different episodes in one day. "And you know your stunt team, by the way, when you're in the superhero's movie genres. You're saying that you're on uninhabited islands, forgive forgiveness.

"I think we liked all this," added Wilson. "Jason has done all his professional career and you know –

"The most difficult day," Momok said.

"The most difficult everyday thing," Wilson continued. "And I would also like to take a step further and say at least stunts, when you say that you're doing a specific 30-40 times with a specific action, you should hang on different threads and harnesses and devices at the same time, talk and make a lot of effort They do not make it, but it has been more violent for me because it has been a constant state of suspension. "

But Heard shoots it Aquaman he had at least one advantage. "He has never been in a series," he said, referring to his body. "It's a topless all-time!" Momok said. It's true – shirts are suspended even though the shirts are not comfortable.

Most Underwater Scenes Shot "Dry for Wet"

You can not Aquaman It's literally a title without water. But Wan presented a unique challenge, with most of the filmmakers wanting to avoid it. "The movies are watched by filmmakers all over the world. It's not the most enjoyable thing, it's inconvenient and the film process is actually slowing down," said Wan. His solution: "Whisper dry" shot everything.

"It's irony, anything that is underwater is completely immersed, it really shot" wet dry. "That's literally what makes it sound, where you use" wet dry "when you process it, they have said it as an actor, who simulates swimming On floating platforms, and all of this, but we also played with water, I do not think that Aquaman has a movie and does not spoil anyone. Once again, it's irony, when it's over the water, when it's drying, actors will not stop. They're doing it. But when underwater, irony is really dry, so we shot it without water. "

But that does not mean that Aquaman They did not have large and expensive sequences, either for cast or crew. You've watched it or maybe meme? Splashy is a submarine sequence. It's a sequence that costs a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, Wan said:

"We could say that the greatest number of water in our movie was the sequence of the initial sequence of the film. We had a great secret on a ship that we built, and once again, and again, as we played the scene, we would plunge it into a water tank. We could do it, and we would take 2. It was a very tiring process, and it's a bit of pain. "

Most of the movie was released

"I do not think I've ever watched a movie … so much it's done in the post," said Wilson. Momus has not seen a finished movie yet, as Wilson has said, especially when it was headed by Wan. Wan and his editorship team were five times collaborating Kirk M. Morri along with Kelvin McIlwain and the Oscar winner Charles Gibson As a general visual effect – more than a year post-production.

While Wilson shot it, most of the actors saw it limited the concept art:

"It looks like everything you've seen before and a little video game, and then you see the artworks, but that's the fact that this guy, that's been amazing, is watching what he's doing in the past year."

"You will see it for the first time," Heard added. That's why Mom looked forward Aquaman for the first time:

"I am looking forward to seeing my kids. For the first time, I can see things with my children for the first time. I'm really emotional and damaged, and I'll be in the hands: a 10-year-old boy and 11-year-old will be a really enjoyable moment."

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