Thursday , February 9 2023

4-year-old girl Santa Claus tragedy parade died in an accident in Yarmouth, N.S.


A four-year-old girl dies after a tragic accident at the Yarmouth, NY-based Santa Claus parade, the police said on Saturday as a witness, as a witness to terrorism that broke the town's holiday holiday.

A publicly-identified maid went down below to one of the major roads of the country, when she fell below 7 p.m. Local time, the police said.

Three arrests linked to the suspense of Yarmouth

He was taken to a local hospital by the paramedics, but it was only a few months later.

Cpl. Dal Hutchinson, the public information officer at the Nova Scotia RCMP, described the event as "very, very tragic", as well as a very traumatic one for everyone.

"In my opinion, there is a large group of people there – family – to see the Santa Claus parade when this happened," said Hutchinson's interview on Saturday night.

Everyone who witnesses the event has to talk about it with others and seek help in dealing with the trauma.

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"Our thoughts are very difficult with the whole family of this little girl".

Vance Webb, a retired driver living outside Yarmouth, attended a Saturday parade with his wife, stepson and three grandchildren.

"We only had to watch the parade and, at about thirty meters, I hear – Suddenly the float stops and I see something on the floor," Webb said in a telephone interview.

Small earthquakes in the Yarmouth region of Scotland live on Saturday

"Then, suddenly, we heard a loud cry. He was very close to us."

Webbe said that the whole scene was "frequently" introduced, what happened to the people.

"People within 50 feet – nobody of us is well. Adults began to cry. I saw everywhere, hundreds of people cried out," Webbe said.

"This will really affect the town."

The organizers parade did not respond immediately to the radio program on Saturday night.

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