Monday , June 14 2021

49ers Reuben Foster is released after domestic violence arrest

TAMPA, Fla. – In the morning of 49ers, the team announces the release of the second linebacker Reuben Foster, after a few hours after the arrest of the team for crimes against domestic violence.

Foster 49ers were postponed before the domestic violence report, which happened in Los Gatos last February, but the latest incident occurred 49ers announced They are playing the first draft sketches four times in advance against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers team.

John Lynch and Chief Executive Officer Kyle Shanahan said in April that a female anti-female player would not be up to 49.

On Saturday, Foster was arrested at 9:10 p.m. ET group team hotel, and was a crime against domestic violence. He joined Hillsborough County Jail for thirteen hours 11:11.

Greg Auman, in The Athletic, says Foster & # 39; s The bond is set at $ 2,000, and a judge's linebacker has not contacted the victim, 28-year-old Elissa Ennis, in the case of previous domestic violence.

Tampa said in a statement by the NBC Sports Bay Area, Foster, at age 24, was not identified at the time, previously living together and participating in "once again". in the last three years.

Foster and Ennis attended unanimously on Saturday, according to police. Ennis said that Foster had his hand pulling out his phone, pushing his chest and turning his face to the left with a broad hand.

Officers saw Ennis' one-inch scratch on the left bracelet, according to the report.

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In February, Ennis told officers that the scene of Los Gatos was fired eight times over by Foster. He was originally charged with crimes against domestic violence, including criminal threats and weapons.

Judge of the Santa Clara court dismissed these charges on May 23, showing that the Office of the District Attorney did not show enough evidence to continue the case. Ennis said in a preliminary court, saying he was a liar on the statements made by the investigators as a revenge against Foster, saying he had broken them.

Regarding Foster's motivation to denounce, Ennis indicated a witness testimony: "I had going to f — in his career."

Two months later, after 49,000 training campaigns, Foster described the whole episode as a "learning experience".

"Better to take advantage of better football," said Foster. "It was crazy about knowing that football was gone. With this brother and coaches back, the man is a blessing."

Selected 49ers in the first round of Foster 2017, a total of 31. She earned a Bachelor of Humanities in Humanities in Alabama, where Dick Butkus won the 2016 Prize as the best college football linebacker. The injury played nine times with Foster.

The NFL Foster was able to suspend the first two games of this season under the leadership of the League due to personal conduct and violations of the rule of abuse against Alabama's possession of marijuana. The League did not punish the alleged incident of domestic violence.

The suspension of Foster's personal behavior was not an obstacle against the charging of weapons, as the marijuana case was reduced to a worse offense. Two-year probation, 232-hour community service and 235 dolphin fines.

Two unpublished games missed $ 103,0704 from $ 875,708 in Foster for $ 103,024 in salary pay.

Last week, Lynch said that the NBC Sports Bay Area was believed by Foster to be the right path. He lost two games bye weeks before a hamstring injury.

"We are really proud that we are making some steps in Reub, as it grows," said Lynch on Tuesday. "He has taken on the responsibility of his rehabilitation, and I like to see him and play. He's watching the movie, he's doing everything he's doing and growing respect."

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