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5 Android apps you have not missed this week! – Android apps per week

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Welcome to the 275th edition of the Android Apps Weekly! Here are the titles of last week.

  • Every year after completing our content we have redirected to three more applications and games. 2018 2018 best applications and December 2018 games are the best. The best applications in December 2018 and the best games of December 2018. At the end of the year, a little bit of apps and games are as general plans for the whole year. However, in these months there were great releases and it's fun to recreate some memories throughout the year. Check them out!
  • The Apple App Store still makes more money than the Google Play store. This week's report added more than 160 applications to the first $ 1 million in the App Store, 90 Google Play releases. This study is a weird one. Many games make virtuals before it's ever reached iOS, so it's an example of pushing iOS. The good news is that iOS and Android for the first time had 2018 million dollars in 2018.
  • Google Duo got a million downloads last week. That's really good news. Google changes the Hangouts and blocks Allo due to lack of success. However, Duo broke the mold and became a well-known player. The application also saw large changes in 2018, adding several new features. However, we want to see a daily or monthly list of active users, which is usually a better indicator of improvement.
  • HQ Trivia's developers are working on a new 2019 game. The company's game is maintained with a live aesthetic game, but this time with the Fortune's feel-of-wheel. The player can figure out a sentence as soon as possible. The letters are revealed over time and the players guess the right points. This is currently an iOS beta. You can try your iOS devices right now. We do not know the Android version is still coming.
  • Brawl Stars has already made money with Supercell's bank account. The game allegedly made about $ 10 billion in its first week reports. The popular browser made only about $ 3 billion in the United States and surprisingly in Japan. Other statistics have a unique number of downloads from 20 countries and are from ten other ten countries. They are superb and Supercell has a different hand. Link to see all statistics!

Angry BaBa is a fun little game with people angry. You play as a barbarian and you rock the rock. Players play time strokes for maximal propulsion and distance. You get big scores while flying while flying through the air. The premise is simple and almost nobody can play. However, it remains amazing. The game also innovates elements and abilities, multiple game players and other small game elements. It is also a pay-as-one game and it's strange to do this arcade style game. It's not bad in just a few minutes.

Mint Browser is the new Xiaomi browser. Little Launcher suit continues in many ways. Super light, super fast and super efficient. Developers have a size of approximately 10MB installation and is relatively small. Other features include voice search, hidden mode, reading mode, mobile data protector options, and more. Work still needs them, but most of the resources that we saw were peripheral and not the same experience. Mobile phone is an excellent manager for those who want something simple. Likewise, it is completely free of any non-commercial purchases or ads (from existing websites).

Mint Browser

If you've lost large Android apps or games or high notes, comment on your comments! You can also click here to view the weekly podcast!

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