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5 Calgarians died of dead flu in nearly 300 hospitals


Twenty-one dead Albertans are killed after hiring a virus virus this year.

According to Alberta Health Services, 1,241 influenza cases have been confirmed in the Calgary area since November 29, although many have been ill and do not visit the doctor.

Since he had contracted the virus in Calgary, more than half of all 1,985 Alberta cases, and the six Albertans who dying of the flu were five Calgary.

This case of statistics comes from the case of the deaths of 92 of last year's deaths and 9,000 cases.

AHS weekly monitoring of data will be monitored in cases affirmed, locations, deaths, and more regarding the spread of the virus. According to the fourth week of data, 293 released 293 calves in the hospital admitted to the flu.

Calgary flu

2018/2019 Alberta Influenza Season (Alberta Health Services)

According to the data, the same number of residents between Edmonton and Calgary has been immunized (342.429 in Edmonton, 413,152 in Calgary), but the number of the Calgary population has been four times more.

The clinics have more than a month of more than 410,000 patients with a free vaccine, although they have more than 33% of the population.

In recent years, flu shots have been intensified. The 2018/2019 flu season is still in the beginning, almost millions of plans being administered throughout Alberta have been a significant improvement over the last few years.

All immunizations are available for calgary at the age of five, free of charge at any AHS clinic, pharmacy or medication.

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