Wednesday , October 27 2021

5 things to know about Tuesday, December 18, 2018: Alberta Oil, Bank of Canada, passenger rights


The federal government announces that it will provide financial aid for the oil and gas industry, one day after the gas station in Calgary, when Protestants call Ottawa, they will be able to obtain more marketing from the raw industry. Here's what you need to know more to start your day.

1. Oil industry: CTV News has learned that the federal government announced a $ 1.6 million income on Tuesday in the fight against the Alberta energy sector.

2. Economic vision: CTV's extensive interview with Lisa LaFlamme, Stephen Poloz, the Canadian Bank of the Bank, does not expect a recession to be expected next year, but Canadians should prepare economic volatility.

3. Air Commitment: Delayed flights or cancellation passengers or excessive reservations that passengers have lost will have the right to compensate the federal government for the proposed legislation.

4. High heat: Scientists say radio frequencies on radio waves say that a Russian research facility is causing significant temperatures in the upper atmosphere of the Earth.

5. Health location: When you live, you can endanger major diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer, according to a new study by the McMaster University.

Another thing …

Christmas shopping: The holiday season may be filled with joy, but it may also be a pain in your bank account. experts participated in the holiday to talk about the best way to sleep with the budget.

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