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50/50 jackpot over half million dollars Canada-Russia New Year's Eve game

A lucky hockey fan will be ringing in a new year for a nice day.

The Canadian 50/50 Caps of Canada and the 2012 Canadian Basketball Championships has surpassed $ 500,000. Ascend FS, The 50/50 draw organization organization has guaranteed at least $ 250,000.

The award will be the first victory of the Canadian and Czech Republic on Saturday, when it reached $ 136,425.

Scare-out appeals will go down the path to the development of small hockey in British Columbia.

Tickets can be purchased at Rogers Arena, and everyone will be available in the game and will be available online, starting on December 31, at 4:00 p.m. A person who lives in British Columbia must buy the purchased cards.

The game is a spin-off mark of the previous round. The winner takes the first team. Both countries have won 3-0 in the championship so far.

The Canadians have won a victory against the Czech Republic on Saturday. Russia won 7-4 in Switzerland Sunday afternoon.

New Year's Eve raffle sets a special $ 1,413,630 jackpot held on November 27 across the game between Vancouver Canucks and Los Angeles Kings.

The winner's card, purchased by an individual from West Kelowna, costs $ 706,815.

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