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50 patients, sick workers B.C. after gastrointestinal disease. hospital – Trail Daily Times

The occurrence of gastrointestinal workers at the Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops was approved by the patients in three units of the building.

Internal Health said that due to the occurrence of gastrointestinal disorders, 16 patients and 11 workers had an impact on Tuesday. Additionally, it has been an outbreak in the neighboring psychiatric Hillside center, with seven patients and 13 workers showing symptoms.

According to the unexpected response management plan, according to Internal Health, the hospital is not 4North, 5South and 7North patients will be allowed. Unexpected medical units. Patients in the hope of accessing long-term care or facilities will not take place until the occurrence is exhausted.

IH Communication Consultant Susan Duncan has said that three units have a number of medical ailments for adults, but they are not post-surgical units.

Hillsiders continue to accept the patient, said Duncan, considering the arrival of adults.

The appearance of the first symptom of the gastrointestinal manifestation was published on January 25. They express heart-heart-heart-heart-heart-heart-heart-heart-heart-heart-hearted hearts. Symptoms include: vomiting, diarrhea and fever. Duncan said he was sent to the BC control center for diseases to identify the disease virus.

Duncan has said that the occurrence of gastrointestine is not common in the community about what is happening in the hospital.

"Men encourage instruction hygiene hygiene," Duncan said. "Cleaning your hands is a key to preventing the virus from crushing.

He said that each unit was treating it individually, and so the occurrence stabilized. An occurrence usually lasts 96 hours, which includes 48 hours of incubation within the last 48 hours.

Duncan has stated that the health authorities have taken action in the emergency department. The public is advised to wait for the doctor to be longer than normal.

People with non-emergence should contact their family doctor or clinic. You can contact your health care provider at your home or at your healthcare provider by calling 811 at Healthlink BC. However, all those who need emergency care should not go to the hospital or call 911.

According to Internal Health, the occurrence has undergone surgical operations but is under control.

Visitors will be asked to stay home while they feel bad. They are healthy, but you want to delay the visit until the event is over. The presence of damaged signal units is recommended because the occurrence is constant, so that people can take appropriate measures.

According to Internal Health, the improvement center focused on patients' rooms, bathrooms, often affected areas and common areas. Unexpected unit workers wore gowns, gloves and facial protection when working with patients.

As always, staff, patients and visitors often clean their hands.

Christopher Foulds, Kamloops this week

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