Monday , October 25 2021

$ 500 million expansion of the BMO Center approved by the City of Calgary


The Calgary City Council has approved a 500 million project, a project that will duplicate the Stampede Park's BMO Center.

The approval of the extension is based on a written confirmation of the federal government that will finance a third of the capital costs of the project and will allow the province to finance the restructuring funds of the Community in the third part to finance the rest of the cities.

The Municipal Administration will propose financing options for the Council to discuss on January 28.

Stampede CEO Warren Connell said it has been a long process, but the construction is expected to begin in early 2019.

"We have clients and critical events, great weddings, great cars and home entertainment. It's really important that we build this expansion center on these events," said Connelle.

The BMO Center now has 500,000 square meters, which would bring more than one million.

As Connell said, while organizing major events, it is likely that the large conventions between 11 and 14 years old will not be in space.

The 40 million member of the Birmoldian International Convention is expected to meet in 2025.

Community resuscitation Levy Calgary can use part of future tax revenue for neighborhood development projects.

But its extension is not until the year 2027, so Mayor Naheed Nenshi said they should figure out how to achieve these project funds, so that they can break into ground much earlier.

Tier 1 convention city

"The Calgary Convention Centers are very small in most cities in our city," said Nenshi. "This is a new option to move to a new level."

Nenshi said that Calgary is currently regarded as a two-tier city convention and that this expansion would make a third level.

Prime Minister Rachel Notley, Finance Minister Joe Ceci and Nenshi announced the reasons for Stampede on Tuesday leaving the provincial project behind.

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