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51K without power, large winds, heavy snowfall P.E.I.

A storm in the winter is putting electric lines on P.E.I, and it's worse.

The stormy storm in winter continues throughout the province, and the weather has dropped almost 46,000 seafarers. 9-month breaks ranged between 5,000 and 11,000, but jumped 36,000 and from 51:51 at 10:45 a.m.

The English and French school boards are closed on the island.

  • See the complete list of canceling the Storm Center center.
  • For cancellations call 1-877-236-9350.

The provincial civil service offices and the UPEI delay are open. Holland College campuses are closed daily.

The Eastern Kings Community Center has opened a warming center.

Northumberland Ferries has canceled daylight saving and there are boundaries in the Confederation Bridge, winds of Durango north of 100 km / h. On Wednesday's advisory speech, the Confederation Bridge made restrictions on Friday at 5:00 p.m.

The conditions in Charlottetown are slushy and slippery. (Kevin Yarr / CBC)

Some flights from the airport in Charlottetown are canceled or delayed.

The Queens County RCMP warns drivers that they are warned, there are several vehicles on the Pleasant Valley road. Power was most of Charlottetown at 8 a.m. It should be aware of the drivers means that the traffic lights do not work.

The drivers are alerting them to prevent powered lines. It was reported in One Route 2 on Summerside, East Drive and Central Street, and another at the O & Leary Road in Springfield.

Strong winds, heavy snow

CBC meteorologist Jay Scotland said that the wind is a great wind.

"The amount of snow is not too heavy, it's just a mess, but the heavy snow and heavy snow and heavy winds have been a real problem," said Scotland.

Cathy Lowe took pictures of these poles at the Sherwood Road in Charlottetown, on the way home from the night shift. (Cathy Lowe / Facebook)

The winds will have a power of 100 km / h during the day and at 80 km / h in the afternoon.

Plow dispatchers are not bad weather conditions, but there are electric lines along the roads of Prince and Queens counties.

On the road, electric currents

Electric shipping has suspended releases for 3 hours since then, and the crew has been up to now.

Maritime Electric spokeswoman Kim Griffin has said that it is helpful for people to call and give information about damages, and especially about electrical energy lines.

The famine of candlelight was one of the most popular Prince Edward Islanders on Thursday morning. (Jessica Doria-Brown)

"Preferably a call can therefore be explained if you have other questions," said Griffin.

"[Downed power lines are] really important to us. These will be treated immediately. We classify for emergencies, which is why we can not guarantee them and no one is in contact with them. "

Griffin said that there is no moment to recover power. Heavy snow and strong winds are bad combinations to keep electricity.

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