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A & # 39; Parasitic Eva & # 39; The new game will come soon

parasitea on the eve

Square Enix has created a new brand Parasite on the eve In Europe, it suggests that the classic RPG franchise may be reversible.

In order to present a commercial brand, Square Enix has to prove its intention to use the brand, so we should see something Parasite on the eve related to the future. What we see, however, who knows.

For those who do not know: Parasite on the eve It is a series that debuted through the original Square Enix and PlayStation in 1998. After the sequence of the same name written by Hideaki Sena, he created two follow-ups.

Parasite on the eve It was notable for the company's first mature game, and the company's first major American and Japanese development cooperation.

At that time, Japanese horror revival began, according to the book. In addition to the adaptation of the game, there is also film adaptation and two sleeve comics.

A sequel, Parasitus Eva II A year later, in 1999, he continued with the same platform. Then, in 2010, the third game of the series, dubbed 3rd birthdayPosted by PSP. Since 2010, the series has been dormant, but this brand suggests that it may change soon.

Parasite on the eve IP Square Enix IP is far from far away, but it has quite a lot of worship and, as expected, they try to return again. And of course, fans can also have their own theories of this brand.

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