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A child needs a strange blood to overcome cancer. The world helps us to look for it


Biopsies and blood tests were performed and Zainab Mughal's rare blood clotting was shown, with her parents coming up with sudden complications against her daughter's cancer. To achieve a two-year survival, it would take something completely uncontrolled: courtesy of strangers.

Zainab, a Florida resident in the United States, was diagnosed with a neuroblastoma in October, an aggressive cancer, which usually occurs in children. The doctors said that the tumor growing within the Zainab abdomen was almost half of his life. Two-generation transplants and some transfusion bundles would need to renew their blood supply, because chemotherapy decreases tumors, the doctors said.

"The results came in and the results were very bad," said his father, Raheel Mughal, in a video. "We all started crying, we expected the worst thing."

It was another great complication: Mughal and his wife tried to make compatible blood donors. They were not. Family and friends parade at the hospital pushing their needles. Bad luck

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"And that became more alert," said Mughal.

Toddler Zainab needs blood transfusions when chemotherapy decreases the tumor.


Toddler Zainab needs blood transfusions when chemotherapy decreases the tumor.

Now, he's been doing research for the past two years, a learner who can help him with very strange blood, a battle that is based on statistics and probabilities, his parents have been very popular.

People with good blood are in Pakistan, India or Iran, according to OneBlood, a nonprofit blood center. But in those populations, those who have less than 4 percent have the Causes body rejecting blood.

Most people should never be in the hidden world of rare blood transfusions.

There are 360 ​​different antigens on red blood cells, but most people do not respond negatively to these markers, Frieda Bright, OneBlood's reference laboratory manager. Most people get the correct blood type.

But a small number of people – including Zainab – produce the presence or absence of certain antibodies, for the body to refuse blood. However, these people continue to be accidents or, like other people, like other blood vessels, it is a network of blood centers specializing in rare blood vessels, which maintains a database of antibodies that are rare and requires patient needs in the country.

Brighten is a big part of her work. Every year, it is part of a group that works at a time of 365 days, to identify and catalog the bloodstream units and, if possible, to meet the demands. However, Zainab is a very rare case, working in the Bright industry for 20 years, to find out more about it.

Now OneBlood works with the American American Rare Donor Program, which connects patients with patients around the world. For cure, three compatible donors have been found; He lives in London, the other two are in the United States.

That's a great wait, but it's not enough. The rules limit how many donors can give blood. Zainab doctors should do more than 10 donors to ensure that Zainab requires blood transfusion every time.

The Zainab tumor is missing a part of the treatment plan that is being reduced.

More than 1000 people from Iran, India or Pakistan have taken blood to see Zainab compatible.

But parents and a group of experts realize that it has not ended Zainab's hospital, free of cancer. Thus, they have launched an awareness campaign using the best weaponry weapons: the Zainab story, and a lovely endless stream – occasionally unborn baby photos. She shows a one-year-old birthday and a polka dot pink dress, another showing her cream's color dress and posing a photo of flower and hair ribbons. Third, post-diagnosis shows a large brown eye beneath a black head.

It is still too young to fully grasp the seriousness of what is needed or the reflective odds that are piling up against him. But my father hopes one day how a group of people did not know how to save his life.

"It's a simple request, and I'm going to ask for it," said Mughal in a video made by OneBlood. "My daughter is very dependent on blood …

"To save the human life you are making, to save my daughter's life, it's amazing. When my daughter grows up, I remind you that you have made an effort to save your life."

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