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A glass emission began, sending the test to the death of Calgary Stampeder


In any case, it is a seal that comes from summer vacations. In the end, Crown began Monday's murder trial by Nelson Lugela.

Lugela, at the age of 21, did not have a second degree, with the death of Mylan Hicker, and Stampeders had a 23-year defensive defense.

Hicks' mother, Renee Hille, recalled the court, the prosecutor Tom Sparks explained Crown's case at the opening of Justice Keith Yamauchi on Monday morning.

Hicks was in the list of Calgary Stampeders practices, when she died in the morning, on September 25, 2016.

Hard Talk & # 39;

She went to Lugela Marquee Beer Market with two friends.

He brought a semi-automatic elevator, according to Sparks, when he left the club outside of silver in America.

Within the club, many Stampeders won Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

The team got a second place in the final game. "It has been a great win for us," said Derek Dennis's offensive torch, which was the first witness of the prosecution.

The players arrived at the bar at 11:30.

The coach bought the drink he bought

Dennis told the court about the drink he had in Stampeders' bar at the Rene Paredes bar, when Paredes could think it was behind him and he poured his drink.

Then began the "aggressive" debate, Dennis said.

Some of Paredes' team members noticed a change and climbed to climb, Dennis said.

He told the court that his drink said he was dumping the man and his friends, among others, Lugela wanted to take an external argument.

But the players were told they did not have to go to physics, instead they tried to "tense relax", according to Dennis.

The bus offered six to ten shots to the wrath and their friends, including Lugela, but the behavior of the other band still tired, Dennis told the judge.

"I felt like a real enemy".

Dennis asked him to remove other men, but said "OK".

Lugela "saw it as something he wanted to do," said Dennis.

Hicks shot twice

Hicks and their teammates wanted to go to Denny's Restaurant. The clubs started when they were closed the next day.

Crown thinks Lugela's pistol was recovered and Stampeders faced Hicks before firing.

Hicks, originally from Detroit, died shortly afterwards in the hospital.

Lugela and her two friends set aside a gun in a recycling bin, Sparks believes the judges.

The three were arrested at that time.

Gunshot waste

Proofs will be presented with Lugel's residue in his hand, Crown said.

Sparks has said that Crown will call 33 witnesses in the next five days, including several witnesses to the shooting.

There is a witness to witness Lugela, who was witness to the club and shooting, then the help police brought the getaway to the SUV and handgun thrown.

Alain Hepner is a defense lawyer representing Lugela.

Many Stampeders players will demonstrate this test after Calgary won the new Gray Cup game.

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