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A great new Canadian Food Guide


A rainbow illustration of living food hung on the classroom wall – most Canadians remember the Canadian Food Guide.

However, behind this brightly colored document, there has been a long history of politics and the industry lobby. A tradition that is still ongoing, the Canadian Health Food Guide is preparing sometime in the coming weeks.

The process has been up to now until now, and Health Canada has hired several market research companies to consult more than 26,000 Canadians. Health Canada has also organized informative sessions with various healthcare community and group teams.

The detail of the new food guide is not too small for focus groups, because Canadians prefer to have a blue or green document and want to see real-world food or real pictures.

Science / health must be a document. And politicized outside of belief.– Nick Saul, Community Food Centers, Canada

On the other hand, the Canadian dairy industry warns that the change in the food guide may harm dairy products. And there have been interaction press reports on the functioning of the Ministry of Agriculture with the votes of Canadian Health, on behalf of the industry.

How to become a healthy diet became a complex guide? Beginning with the Canadian Food Guide as a political document.

The Canadian Food Standards were first introduced in 1942 to improve nutrition among Canadian soldiers fighting for World War II. (Swift Canadian Co)

In 1942, the Canadian Rules of the General Rules were developed for the first time by Canadian soldiers to fight against World War II.

"During the Second World War, he made a great deal of sense," said Ian Mosby, in Guelphe's food historian, who has studied the history of the Canadian Food Guide. "The soldier was the next-generation production in the next generation of industrial workers, and at that time the problem was a problem of malnutrition."

The food guide was revised seven times, the latest version updated in 2007.

"Recommendation for eating and drinking food in Canada is a bit better and more difficult to make food on." "He still reflects some of these ideas – how we should eat these fossilized ideas."

Food industry lobby

And over the years, the food industry made more praises.

"The first industry was influenced by the dairy industry's most important milk supplement to meet most nutritional demands," said Mosby.

Food historian Ian Mosby says Canada's Food Guide has always been a political document, the first version of 1942. (Craig Chivers / CBC)

In 1992, they recommended the supply of Canadian Health Meat and Milk Products to industrial pressure.

All the industry lobbies damaged the food guide credibility, according to a Canadian Health Research Document prepared by a food guide review.

In this regard, Health Canada's "Development of Canada's new Dietary Development Policy, the officials of Health Canada's Health Policy and Promotion Office will not match the food and beverage industry representatives."

But there are industry officials in the reviews of the reports of other federal governments. And some industry fears were reported in the agricultural agriculture committee report, under Canadian Food Policy A.

"A revised version of the guide will focus on more than one food group, including plant-based protein sources. There are several animal-based pillars. The Canadian National Millers Association can encourage new food guidelines to enrich consumers with white bread , bakeries made with burger and dog baked buns, etc. ".

In response to these concerns, the Commission officially recommends it in the review of the food guide "… the government works in the agricultural and agri-food sector to ensure the alignment and competitiveness of household industries".

But could Canada's official diet guide for healthy diet be affected in Canada or industry?

"It has to be a science / health document, and it has been politicized outside of belief," said Nick Saul, a founding member of community nutrition centers.

Nick Saul, President of Foreign Food External Affairs, has participated in the online consultation of the Canadian Health Food Consultation. Industry impact is taking place in new recommendations.

Saul, who is in on-line queries, is concerned about how the food industry guide may affect the review process.

"Unstable food is the main risk factor for death and disability, so what we put in our body is very important. Sales and profits are very focused on the food system and the food that is often produced through the system is not good for our health."

"If the food guide works well, some industries will be wrong," said Mosby.

4 end of food groups

Early prototypes sent to focus groups have shown that four known "food groups" have disappeared. Meat and dairy products do not have their own categories: they are "protein foods".

Other flashes include fruit juice, under "vegetables and fruit"? Or will it disappear all over the food guide?

Health Canada has been trying to infect the controversy by proving that the new food guide recommends many foods.

"As recommended in the proposed policy principle, it recommends a new food guide that Canada will select from many nutrients and nutritional drinks, low fat milk and yogurt and cheese in sodium and fat," spokeswoman Geoffroy Legault-Thivierge said. In an email to CBC News.

Two graphic sketches of a short look made the Canadian Osakidetza inquiries according to the Canadian Food Guidelines. (Focus Groups on Health Eating Messages, Visuals and Brands, Final Report, Health Canada Preparation)

Apart from Canadian food guide tips

The current food guide was introduced 12 years ago – and the rainbow acquires a strong "brand approval", according to the Canadian Health Markets Research.

Despite the Canadian Canadian Food Guide, they are not following food tips.

"The dairy food options in the group were less than half of" online food guidance, "a review of the Canadian Health Evidence was revealed. "And more than 60% of meat choices and alternatives in the group do not match the food guide recommendations."

The Canadian Food Guide was last updated in 2007.

Most Canadians had "small vegetables and fruit fillets, milk and alternatives and whole grain," said the report. "A third third of the total calories comes from fat, sugar or salt food."

Most people did not eat for a dark green or orange vegetable every day, even though they recommend a food guide.

Health Canada also found that most Canadians get their nutritional information through other sources; The Canadian Food Guide is ranked fourth in Internet, friends and television.

It is not possible to overcome the obstacles to healthy eating

Health Canada is also testing lifestyle tips for sketch of food guide sketches. There are suggestions "considering your eating habits", "enjoy your food", and "cook more often."

But social barriers to healthy eating can not be easily passed by documents, said Mosby.

"This idea is that people are unhealthy they do not know how to eat, but because of such structural reasons, people can not afford healthy foods, there is no time to cook healthy food.

"People who are really targeted in the food guide face already already struggling, so the importance placed on the food guide is wrong."

So when can Canadians see the new food guide?

"As long as a specific date for launching is required, at the beginning of 2019 we want to release the new food guide," said Health Canada.

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