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A Man Coughed created this perfect Shape Blood Clot, stunning to His Doctors


If someone has shown an unimportant image, it might be believed to be a whole blood vessel. The reader is not. It is a perfect episode of airborne flare between the right lungs of a man who is dying in heart muscle, created by the coagulated blood that is accumulating there.

Men's doctors were quite evil and they were published New England Journal of Medicine.

First, let's clear one thing. It's not really a part of his lungs, as the news headlines say. One pulmonary is not a breast (even though you do not have hard lungs in your lungs, it's not fun, so try to avoid it).

In fact, bronze tree molecules – casts – are not very common. For several years, blood clots have been in recent years, a woman with a 57 year old who had a lupus, a 25-year-old female pregnant woman and an 80-year-old man in 2015.

If you are performing through the social media network of image medical images and if you are looking for a "bronchial", you will see several blows from clothed blood or lungs in certain medical conditions.

What's happening is not so intriguing, but it's totally awful and without losing a patient without sleeping in one piece.

blood clot inset 700(Woodward et al./NEJM)

"We have been surprised," said Dr. Georg Wieselthaler Atlantic. "You can not imagine curiosity. I mean, that's very, very, very strange."

Patients, an anonymous 36 year old, after a long history of cardiac insufficiency, was treating acute heart failure as acute cardiac insufficiency.

Her doctors connected her heart to help pump her blood into her blood. But because these devices also cause blood clots, they should provide the infusion of an anticoagulant called Heparin to prevent and prevent this event.

If coagulation is not necessary part of the body's self-regulating system, blood vessels will develop blood vessels that produce blood vessels or blood vessels that carry blood during blood vessels, accumulate air passages and accumulate there.

Unfortunately, it happened with the patient. After completing the treatment of Impella and Heparin therapy by his doctors, during the week, he started coughing in lesser blood clots, when he reached the extremity of the cough when he massaged a mass.

When they developed the doctors, they were able to identify the right bronze tree of the man who had seen such a perfect perfume.

I think what they could together have had a protein called fibrinogen, which is essential for the clotting process. Although the patient was an anticoagulant, infections caused a high level of fibrinogen in the blood, which could have been the same as the clot was sleeping together.

Unfortunately, even though he felt better, after the clot had lungs, and no coffer had slept, it was a serious condition for his heart. The complications of cardiac insufficiency died a few months later.

The case was reported New England Journal of Medicine.

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