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A man in China was hospitalized every day after his socks had been emptied


  • A 37-year-old man was hospitalized in China with severe breast cancer.
  • Peng pneumonia was treated, but its condition did not improve. The doctors interviewed Peng again and developed a habit that wrecked tights every day.
  • Further studies showed that Peng developed fungal infections in the lungs, thanks to daily, half-compassionate routines.

Everyone has their curious and senseless customs, probably nobody else makes sense, but in a personal lifestyle, a Chinese tendency has become a serious risk to their health.

Men, named Peng in 37-year-old reports, apparently developed a strange habit after worn out socks and socks daily.

OK, so it seems a little unusual (and neglect) for our rest, but each one of its own, right? Wrong

Peng seemed to be an abusive habit of quitting his feet to make the smell of smell, but the opposite happened.

Peng, a resident of Fujian province in Zhangzhou city, has admitted to the hospital with a severe breast cancer, tightening the strain on the chest to breathe and cough.

Doctors treated the patient for a suspicious pneumonia case, but following symptoms, while their condition was not improved, more medical studies showed that Peng developed severe pulmonary infections.

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Later, Peng was again interviewed by doctors, as well as finding out about the daily rheumatic rheumatism, and could diagnose pulmonary fungal disease to impregnate inflammatory spores hanging on dirty socks.

Doctors believe that the rare habit of Peng's socking, due to the fact that they were not resting at home, caused serious fungal infections.
REUTERS / Thomas Peter

According to local reports, Peng acknowledged the doctor that "it was addicted to her aromatic socks," and while her strange habits are difficult to prove as a definitive source of her breastfeeding, the doctors conclude a reasonable explanation – exacerbated by the lack of sleep that endangers immunity.

"The infection can also be excluded without the patient's home [been] In order to care for her children, we can achieve a weaker immune system, "one of Mai Zhuanying's 909 Zhangzhou Hospital told Pear Video.

Once diagnosed with the infection, Peng hospitalized and treated the condition. Fortunately, the sock rumors make a complete recovery.

We can only hope that experience will help to reconsider the curious habit, and perhaps others may even think of it in some time periods.

After reports of the infection, Weibo, after firing the Chinese Social Welfare Center, was clear that Peng was not uncommon with a bad banner.

"Oh no, maybe my stockings must be wrinkled all day long!" a commented by a user.

It looks like an idea.

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