Monday , January 24 2022

A mixture of stormy, snowy and large winds by clicking Nova Scotia


Snow, rain and great wind are blurring in Scotland, south-west, leaving storms and rugged roads.

The rain of 20 to 30 millimeters awaits the mainland. At nightfall falls on a snowfall, creating a mix of roads and sidewalks. The chairs have been hours but the water is collected in some areas.

Copper-covered roads create drivers' challenges. Halifax Regional Police are slowing down and be careful on the roads.

About 15 centimeters of snowfall has been expected in Cape Breton before rainfall occurs. The island will start tonight and evening, said CBC meteorologist Tina Simpkin.

They reach 100 km / h in Brittany land, with strong winds reaching 140 km / h, Margaree Valley and Bay St. Lawrence's.

Ice pellets and snow again are expected again this evening in Britain, he said. A couple of centimeters of earth will fall into the peninsula.

The environment has sent landmarks and wind reports to the Atlantic Coast on the mainland of Canada in Cape Breton.

At 7, ice pellets dumped in Dartmouth, making it difficult to clean snow at night. Within an hour, the heavy rain fell to a large part of the Halifax region, with temperatures slightly above zero.

Most of the provincial schools are closed. Halifax Stanfield International Airport is delayed or canceled.

Ice pellets and rain transitions make snowfall more difficult. (Paul Palmeter / CBC)

The bad weather is also New Brunswick and P.E.I. It is closed in schools.

Leaks outside of Halifax's snowfall away. (Paul Palmeter / CBC)

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