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A regular classmate in Kate Middleton said "unexpectedly & # 39; at school – royal news | Royal | News


The Duchess of Cambridge began to live quickly in Marlborough College in Wiltshire, despite being confused. The school's fiend Gemma Williamson said "every school boy in every school imagined his rotten" £ 12,605 at a boarding school. However, before Kate had a great deal of difficulty during her school life, 1996's only prestigious institutes entered the "bullying" in Downe House, all of Berkshire's boys.

Ms Williamson also revealed that Kate did not trust much before she arrived.

He added: "he was apparently very badly bullied and he certainly looked thin and pale. He had very little confidence."

Joan Galle's Kate, the guardian of the home, said: "When he arrived he was very calm. He was difficult to get into a big school like Marlborough, but he was fast moving."

Together with beauty and brain, he highlighted 36-year-old hockey and cross-country races at St Andrews University.

He was there in Fife, Scotland, where Prince William received his attention to the future of his future and began the couples in 2003.

Kat is very widespread in the chain of strange students who captured the heart of the Duke of Cambridge.

An amazing young princess was between the audience and did not know where she looked at Kat's social network.

Dukesa graduated in 2005 with the history of art 2.1, while William Geography graduated 2: 1.

Happy Christmas together with Sandringham's royal family joined Meghan and Harry.

The queen is ordered by the Queen's flat factory show show for the holiday season.

Source: The Sun said: "Queen and Charles have stopped settling on their situation without having to face it, but they both revealed that Christmas was collecting the whole family.

"This means that two couples enter the church together in the last year like Fab Four. Yes, what happened in the last 12 months was awkward and uncomfortable.

"But the Christmas Day, the more negative alternative, was not worth the thought."

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