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A woman or a girl who died 2.5 days in Cda 2018 is in the inaugural report

Nicole Thompson, The Canadian Press

Published on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 12:44 AM EST

The woman or girl who passed the 2.5-day average in Canada last year, according to the women's report, the problem should be better understood to reduce murders.

The first annual report on the Canadian Justice and Compensatory Mental Behavior Report, ".CallItFemicide," was released on Wednesday, calling on the United Nations to call on countries to facilitate the follow-up of female sex killers, said new Myrna Dawson writer, director of the observatory and professor at Guelphe University.

"It is true that it was going to take home that it was happening frequently that it was happening everyday," he said. "Women continue to be the most vulnerable of men, they should be able to trust or trust."

The purpose of the report is to recognize at least that the circumstances and motivations that surround women's violent deaths differ among men, so that femur can be better understood and avoided.

"The contexts that kill women and girls are very different, they know that they have killed most people, and it is a contrast to men who are known and ignored," said Dawson. "What is to recognize this and to recognize the distinction," he stressed that I need different types of prevention. "

The report said 148 women and girls were killed in 133 events in 2018, killed in 140 deaths. Out of 133 events, 12 have not been accused of being identified. In some cases there are several accused.

More than 90 percent of the accused were male.

In many cases, there is still a police investigation, said Dawson, who wanted to follow some cases of justice system in the coming years to understand each one.

Statistics, amongst others, last year killed eight women and two men in Toronto. In Alek Minassian, ten of the first parts were accused of being sentenced by office and charged to 16 murders. Referee will be set for February.

The women who were killed in the onslaught were reported by a 21 percent incident in 2018. On the contrary, 53 percent suspected intimate partner died, according to the report. Another 13 percent were allegedly killed by other male members.

This killed Krassimira Pejcinovski and her daughter 13-year-old Venallia, former partner Pejcinovsky, in July 2018. His 15-year-old son died on the incident, but he did not enter. statistics

Numbers and demographic information emerged from reports of dead media. Dawson said the media provided more information and, at least, accurate information on official sources. But the report warns that in the next few years, as in justice in these cases, investigators will seek court records to keep up-to-date.

Dawson's demographics appear in statistics demographically. For example, the report indicates that only five percent of the population of Indigenous women is made up of 36 percent of women and girls. Twenty-four percent of women and girls died in rural areas, when only 16% of the population were living, the report said.

Understanding these issues is essential to avoid more hemicicides, said Julie Lalonde, a women's rights advocate and public educator.

For example, he said, the funding of sexual assault centers and women's sponsors is distributed separately in Ontario, where women are more disadvantaged in areas with lesser areas.

"The argument is not so necessary (in rural areas). Perhaps by the numbers, but in the rural communities that need more resources, you have a more complex need, you have long distances. You do not have to escape from the public in the getaway," said Lalond.

As is evident, as in the report, statistics also help to curb the wrong ideas about women's violence, for example, that women with abusive relationships should stop.

"We do not talk about things like criminal bullying, or even when they are reluctant to the woman, most women die." "We must question all the myths and stereotypes that women are saying to be their fault."

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