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Triple round New Horizons cut off his snowman for the week, China pulled out his vehicle in space, on the surface of the moon, and SpaceX created another Falcon 9.

Keep Rollin & # 39 ;, rollin & # 39 ;, rollin & # 39;

China continues the fanbois fires in space in the Apollo-style space race as Chang's # 4 landmine and as a vehicle away from the Moon.

Yutu 2

Yutu 2 sets (credit: Chinese National Space Administration)

Chang & # 39; s landed on January 3, 2007 after Changing # 1 and 1 lunar orbiter missions. Changing the second of the series is a surface area.

If you tell the third about Chang & # 39; e, being very generous would destroy an orbit, at the end of Moon's "dusk."

Chinese boffins wasted in a short time to celebrate landing and tracked on Changtu 3, Yutu (or Jade Rabbit) dropped to the ground for the first shoulder.

Yutu built two parts of the front wheel of the 2nd wheel, and the engineers expect a longer life of three months or more, thanks to lessons learned in the previous mission. He also has one arm of his previous arm, consisting of a series of new instruments, some of which were given by European scientists.

The Swedish Institute of Physics Physics has analyzed human beings when charged particles of the Sun on the surface of the Moon to identify the sources of the Moon's water.

Yutu 2 focuses on solar energy, so it is necessary to hibernate in 14 days on the lunar nights, starting in mid-January. Once seated, the engineers can last six thousand. Changing the # 3 and 3-way vehicle, but after some 1973 Lunokhod 2, it eventually reached more than 24 kilometers.

Apollo lunar rover traveled over 22 miles over the Apollo 17 during a few days to spend on the lunar surface, but it will be true, for some time the humans are once again remembering the lunar Maria.

SpaceX readies to start next (no, not that)

While capturing Crew Dragon on Wednesday, Musk's rocketeers continued their daily work on the static scene of the Falcon 9 booster, on January 8th, planned for the SLC-4E marsh, to launch the latest series of Iridium satellites.

Ten Iridium satellites will fly on Falcon 9 and if they enter the Earth's orbit polar orbit, everything goes well. Also, it will be the first phase of the second phase, when launching the Telstar 18 VANTAGE communications satellite television. SpaceX expects boost recovery, making it miraculous once again mundane.

Far from departing from Falcons, SpaceX Supreme Elon Musk took some time to share some updates on the monster rocket with his Twistersphere.

Construction is making a good start to the first draft of the rocket, which will bring Musk's expectations to the moon and Mars. However, the test machine will only use "hoppers" to see landing systems and Raptor motors in the structure, similar to the Grasshopper rocket used by SpaceX during the development of Falcon 9.

Musk said that, when completed, it will resemble the dark lines of the production rocket of the test article, which is considered by Wallace and Gromit. Also, with little humility, he admitted that the first swamps had more than eight weeks in four.

OK, Elon. We can wait NASA's SLS rocket remains a few years.

Apart from Starship (or Starhopper), Musk gave Crew Dragon a stunning picture of the crew's armed arm. Only one person in charge of experience management, SpaceX has warned the first flights of the first expedition of the company to be "particularly dangerous".

Of course, really.

However, NASA warned that the observance of the nervousness and the earlier Musk's flight would allow an agency to avoid the danger of engineers' dangers. ®

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