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Acer presents the VR headphone in India in Rs. 39.999


Acer India has launched its new "Mixed Reality Mixed Reality" headset with the only removable design called "OJO 500" to provide flexibility, convenience and hygiene for consumers and companies.

Advertisements 39,999. In the year, new headphones will be available in February 2019.

"The Acer OJO 500" has been mixed with new features to add this class for Windows Mixed Reality headphones, "said Chandrahas Panigrahi, CMO and Consumer Business Head, Acer India, on Saturday.

The first Windows Mixed Reality headset and the first Virtual Reality (VR) headset are compatible with the demountable design, the built-in sound technology pipeline and software support distance (IPD) technology.

"We have tried to improve the user experience with innovative audio and visual technologies and our consumers can use the erotic and easiest faces," said Panigrahi.

As a "Windows Mixed Reality" headset, there are currently more than 2,500 games and applications available for "Acer OJO 500" between Steam VR and Microsoft Store platforms.

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