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AFM: When the illness stopped paralyzing his son, he responded to motherhood survival for the polio


It was in 2012, and his 1-year-old son, Lucian, stopped suddenly on his waist. While receiving a prestigious medical doctor in California, her husband maintained the support and emotional orientation that only the parents of the child like Lucian had.

But that was the problem. Lucian was the first child of the United States to diagnose a parasitic disease, due to acute myelitis flácid (AFM).

Even in Facebook, her mother did not find her widowed soul.

Then, one day, random classes were awarded to Olivera, a solution that proves repeated in some instances.

Olivera was in the last semester of her nursing, and she visited the support group of the meaning of her life. He chose an auxiliary team for the survival of the pulmonary disease, which is similar to son's disease and polio.

Assistance team members, the elderly who have suffered from the disappearance of the United States, will change their lives forever.

AFM and polio: similar similarities

At the end of the 1940s and the early 1950s, Polio stopped an average of more than 35,000 people per year in the twentieth century. One of the most feared of the century, depending on the disease control and prevention centers.

Polio and AFM are very similar: Experts believe that the two virus families themselves. Patients, especially children, produce cold or flu, and then produce paralysis strikes.

The old survivor of the strange illness of a rare disease
Since 2014, AFM 440 cases have been reported in the United States in 46 states, according to the CDC. The average age for this year's age is 5 years.
The polio vaccine has been a free polio in the United States since 1979, according to the CDC.

But AFM has no cure and no vaccination, and healthcare providers should be the best way to take care of their children.

Some people came back to help the patients during their time of polio. Melissa Murray, a physiotherapist from Oregon, reviewed her old article on medical polio articles with Bailey Sheehan, who was diagnosed with AFM at the age of 7 in 2014. He stood on his right side.

"I was sure and I was a little nervous because I wanted to help, but this was an unknown territory," Murray said. "I never thought that I'd read the information about polio."

Bailey, now 11, suffers from normal headaches, and weak on his right arm, but allows him to walk, his mother accuses Mr Murray of historical research. "Melissa and her recursion – In this sense, one percent percent Bailey again," said Michael Sheehan.

Bailey Sheehan's physiotherapist, Melissa Murray, investigated the care of polio children to recover Bailey from AFM.
Prior to acquiring medical knowledge of the disease, Murray and others have done an "extraordinary" with AFM, according to David Oshinsky, professor of the history of New York University and "Polio: American Story". , "Won the Pulitzer Prize in History in 2006.

"For me, it's amazing. I've never seen such a connection," he said.

Past lessons

When Olivera, his son, brought the support group Post Polio Membership at the Thousand Oaks community center, he thought he made a mistake as soon as possible. These people were older than eight years old, could it really help?

Afterwards, he saw a soldier sitting in a wheelchair on his wheelchair, picking up his skin with his skin, as he pulled out of his neck from the top of his thigh, like a dog.

CDC helps to get a similar type of pulmonary disease to AFM

Olivera was a specific movement, because Lucian moved his leg too.

He knew he was in the right place.

So, the survivor of the polio.

"He has seen the remembrance of the boy back. It was like a voice," said Sherrill Boyd, at the age of 79, with recruiting at the age of 9.

The tips were survived almost immediately, some accidentally. Lucian caught her thigh and put her foot on the table, while Olivera went to school as a boy. Polio was alive.

"They said:" The leg is stretching. We also do that! It's good! ", Olivera remembers." So now I say – break uninterrupted rules! "

When Norma Puchek watched Lucian and listened to his story, he recalled his story. Yes, and when Lucian was very patient, Puche was 18 months old and Lucian was 11 months old. Like Lucian, his ankle binds his hip-legged wrench.

When he saw him, he remembered a painful event when he was a young woman who worked as a freelance at Los Angeles construction company. One day he left out to take a rest. He was dressed in a classic 70 miniskirt.

"Hello, cover this thing," cried the crossings.

Polio cases do not go down; WHO is afraid of global recovery

He pointed his key.

"I was so mad – I thought I was an idiot!" Puch, since the age of 65, remembers. "I can pardon my leg because it's a metal thing."

He had not told Olivera to hear him and thought Lucian like the other child.

"When I was a girl, I did not think myself different or dangerous, although I could not walk as fast as other children," said Puche.

Olivera realized that her husband had to be Lucian as the three older brothers.

"From that moment on, we had a bubble. We always kept it in turns, or we were always there, but that was not going to help us anymore," he remembers. "After meeting, my husband and I talked, and Lucian did not have to be considered as a nuisance, because Lucian had to live with disability."

Today, at the age of 7, Lucian is a happy boy, no self-pitying sign. He walks with his key and pedestrians or scooters. He works like brothers and sisters, but, for example, he cleans the room, puts on toys and puts them in the bag, then puts them on the shelves.

Not to be missed by the wisdom of the elderly generation, Olivera Kurt Sipolski, who had survived the polio, wrote a book called "Lekuengatik Loreen Early" for parents of AFM's children. Sipolskie advises on new generations of parents who live with paralysis.

After the meeting, a couple of a pair of thick socks Lucian survived the polio since the paralyzed people have cold feet.

The socks have become a reminder of Olivera from the day of life.

"This meeting reassured me and gave me this perspective," he said. "Polio did not limit its success", everyone said. They had careers. The families were there. They understood that Lucian would also do these things. "

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