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After landing on Hitchcock, Oilers lost to LA


LOS ÁNGELS – Edmonton Oilers would wear out new minorities.

At least fans are tired of watching it.

But on Saturday they found a place for a different personal situation with desperate efforts in despair, which is why it is a season that has been trained by the coach.

They prepared two games and needed more than Los Angeles in a match. The oilers were flat as flat throughout the year and away, winning 3-0 for 14 minutes. .

The 4-0 final masked how most blind blinds.

The final place for the Western Conference (related to the latest NHL) Oilers went to the world, because Oilers apparently had never heard a 20-minute exit.

She was lopsided, as she saw it painful. Kyle Clifford Caleb Jones went 1-0, 3:15 a mile, Tyler Toffoli went to Alex Petrovic 2-0 and 9:35, and Jeff Carter won 3-0. 13:57.

When it was over, coach Ken Hitchcock did not bother.

"We showed and played a player, Darnell Nurse," he said. "It was our best millions of players, it was one of the most competitive players in the air, and we all had it.

"We did not compete. (LA) were the best players and we did not compete. This is it for everyone.

"We gain one and then we ignite the gas, and we did that, when it does not happen."

Los Angeles lost 6-2 in Tampa Bay on Thursday, but there is no excuse. Kings have still been to the last place, and Oilers, a playoff life that hangs a thread, should be hungry. Or, at least, he was hungry.

Instead, they did not get the final set of the game, the second time, until 17 minutes. Eight last eight have lost.

How does this happen in so many lines?

"I think what you are and what you need to change, we have a motivated situation," said Hitchcock. "You have to enter the room, so you can either leave me or anyone else, we're scamming and screaming and we all want to go, but you need to come from the changing rooms.

"I only saw 21 in this game and I see a negative situation. We lose it, we are ashamed, it motivates us. This is not a playoff team, that's not a playoff attitude, and we must change it."

Is this a group error?

"I do not know what it is," said Hitchcock. "We will figure it out. I have said enough. I will get more trouble, but this is not acceptable."

The return to Edmonton is short, Anaheim's Sunday against Sunday against a team that won twelve points.

Jonathan Quick is 16 years old.


Drew Doughty, the fortress defense, made some islands in the provincial province when he knocked Connor McDavid's face on his face the first time, turning his head back. Edmonton and Calgary were on Twitter, but it was not upheld by Trevor Hanson or Brad Watson.

For the third time, Jeff Carter made McDavid a great success before his emotions began.


In Mikko Koskina, he won the starting line-up when he scored three goals in eight shots. He did not help in any way. Since the 15-minute mark was opened, Kings got more goals than throwing the chicken.

Koskin won in his final four days in two semifinal and scored three goals in eight shots with Kings and four goals against Vancouver Canucks. In the last six games he lost five. Is this the result of the group's loading team subsector or the dive into its game?


Thousands of Lucic's millions of millions of people complain about each other, but each team's veteran players do not live in their greatest income. In Los Angeles, Ilya Kovalchuk ($ 6.25 million more two years later) has two goals, both the same night, in its last 19 games, defense Dion Phaneuf ($ 5.25 million two years later) Kings & # 39; the worst -18


LA can be most late at night, but in the dressing room there are still a lot of rings and the legs are disappearing, but it is not enough, according to what Edmonton did. .

"It's happening in the wrong side of things," said Hitchcock. "But I have trained these old boys, there is a good collection of players."

This & # 39; n & # 39; that is: Petrovic scored 3 goals that ended his three goals and scored … Goalkeeping was not in a state of non-profit, Oilers did not survive and lost 3-0 the first time, but he did very well, a very good choice. This could be so much, if he was not terrifying at his game.

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