Wednesday , October 20 2021

After the sharp protection of Infinity Blade, Epic heads – TechCrunch


The epic, powerful popular, cross-platform first-person shooter online game Fortnite, fessed up misstep gameplay when a new battle with a powerful new weapon Royale Arena fell earlier this month – triggering a great fan.

Complaints were abolished, without the overwhelming power of the standard gambling game, the massive advantage that had been found by anyone who was lucky.

This month Epity continued the Infinity Blade for the first time "Like a proper king's weapon."

Super-powered weapon was released on December 11After publishing a season 7 update, it was probably expected to increase Fortnite fans' game.

Instead, he broke the balance of the game. Without using weaponry and proper weapons, Fortnite fans were luckily hell.

But on Friday, after three months, Epic pulled the game's "courage" weapon. He acknowledged the "Good Accounts" failure and re-evaluated "from our perspective Mythic Elements".

Funding also includes millions of people and fans of obsessive tens of thousands of years can not make fun games for decision makers.

A few days before, Epic published a Reddit discussion thread that would like to give "more philosophical contexts" and add "Blade's next changes": to add the danger of adding Blade risk to build gamers and build them. At that moment we were expecting more fans. And, incidentally, it was a duplication in the impetus of its legendary elements.

He also wrote to Fortnite to add the legendary elemental elements to "new and tasty ways to interact with the map" and usually shake it commonly as usual.

Without a doubt, it means another way, it does not want to get bored by the fanciful fanatic and stop putting the cashier in his boxes.

However, Epic did not clearly have to build Infinity Blade from the beginning. Thus, blade pulling was the right movement, and Fortnite fans should be happy to realize that their concerns have to be reconsidered and billed.

It's unclear according to Epic's review.

Even with the right balance features (for example, for a limited time and / or a blocked game) Fortnite's epic chaos may be a place to move forward. Just do not do anything crazy, okay?

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