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AHS has not accepted the donation of the canabic club to treat cancer

The Tom Baker Cancer Clinic is located at the Foothills Hospital in the north of Calgary, on Thursday, March 16, 2017.

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Alberta Health Services â € "$ 6,000 donated with abortion to denounce cancer treatment by surprise a late partner amazed at offering cannabis club.

The Calgary Cannabis Club directed the donation to the Tom Baker Cancer Center, when he was 65 years old at Rick Beaver, when his esophagic cancer died.

"We thought it was pretty surprised that it was empathy and compassion, so we thought it was not a win," said Patrick Parsons, a member of the club.

"Rick was memorable about the good staff."

The money was raised in direct and silent auctions on a fundraiser on December 9, one of the great charities committed by the club, said.

But when he approached the donation, the officials of the AHS refused their money, perhaps negative medicines reflecting ongoing thoughts, both medicines and recreational legislation, said Parsons.

"There's stigma still – when you're talking about dollars and cents, you probably think cannabis's illegal sales, but that's not it here," he said.

"Money was raised in a very thoughtful and legitimate way."

Beaver, who was killed in his fight against the second bout of cancer, consumes medicine at Cannabis Tom Baker, gives importance to the gift loan.

"It was a first person to use cannabis at the Cancer Center and documented that they were on their table," said Parsons.

Cannabis helped alleviate the suffering of the beast when he fought his cancer.

The Canadian medicine community community does not mean recognizing the benefits of medicinal marijuana.

"Until there is a road block to accepting good research," said Parsons.

In a statement, the AHS will refuse to accept cannabis philanthropy, fundraising foundations and consultations with the Health Cannon to end this issue.

"A long-term vision of cannabis philanthropy has been established until the commitment is complete and the AHS approves the donations of the cannabis sector," he said.

"AHS will update its company's founding partnerships throughout 2019 and will also provide materials for decision making and debate on cannabis."

However, AHS does not "correct what type of gift basics it accepts or not".

Parsons said that the money could be won by medication drug users to help their medicine, or the Calgary World Society.

He said that the team has paid 100 to 200 members, especially with medical attention, has created funds for society and homestead such as shelters.

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