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Alberta Judge Taints Trial of Sexual Assault – Fray Entered & # 39; and presumably to defend the female victim

The Court of the Court ruled against a trial against sexual assault after a judge "began trial" and was the victim's advocate, questioning and deferring the case of the court, due to an unfair trial.

A 2017 trial of Fort McMurray heard a woman's friend and a woman who had drunk a drink. Three days later he went to a man's house, where he was sick and fell. She testified that the next thing is to remember that she is naked naked in bed in two dark rooms. One from the other, while embracing his arms, he said.

He ran away to the cold night without shoes or shoes. Shortly afterwards, two men were searched for in a car, where he was arrested by the police in the car and left the officers.

Two men were arrested and charged. They appealed against this appeal in the trial, arguing that he was sleeping in bed at night and waking up with his friend. He abolished it.

After resolving the Court, in response to questions from the Crown Prosecutor, the process of conducting a full interrogation after the questioning of a woman's lawyer was part of the lawsuit, allowing the accused to complete the answer. and the defense of accusations.

During the cross-examination, Judge Judge, Stephanie Cleary, directed 50 times, even in a 30-page transcript trial on 30 pages with 30 pages, he said.

"Judge Judge has entered the massacre and, unfortunately, and undeniably, the seemingly inadequate court trial seems to be undermining the appearance of the court appearance," says court judgment on January 18.

The net effect "has been impossible to test the defense claims of the defendant".

Cleary made another insect in the court, as well as in the testimony of the forensic woman, but the court found that there were other tenors interruptions.

"The previous issues of the previous questionnaires are usually to make it as comfortable as possible or ensure that the translation is as accurate as possible in Spanish," said the judge.

"Revision of the transcript … the court judge prevented the questions of prevention without questioning any questions, or the question was asked again without answering the question, It is not a defense.

"Many of these situations could not be enough to have been an unfair trial, or that lawyer was not a defense. However, to a certain extent, and in the context of complementary insects made by limited judgments by court judges, we endanger the risk of defense."

The cumulative effect of Cleary's injections "created an impression of hostility toward defense, which helped the general justice judgment, which overcame the" injections beyond and beyond "to function properly.

Many of these situations could not be enough to make an unfair trial

The jury ruled that the cross-sectional questions were not erroneous, because it led to the destruction of the woman, because she had a concern about these rapes, but they often asked for a complaint about "cross-examination".

Judges are considered to be necessary when inquiries made by a judge of the sexual assault trial, such as the defense when "random plans for the complainant's reputation or condemnation questions" are directed against "violent myths" that are inappropriate, the unchaste or situation of the complainant offered more opportunities for sexual activity. "

These did not match, he said appeal.

Judge Yeider Quintero-Gelvez was tried on a new trial of a new court. The claimant's name contains a publication ban.

In this case, there are also difficulties that may arise during sexual assay trials, where court rules may create social inequalities.

In 2017, the Supreme Court of Ontario overcame the conventional assault on a man accused of "abused and abusive language" and "let his personal feelings … overcome his objectivity."

That same year, the Ontario court overthrows Mustafa Urrugne's sexual assault in many cases. The judge made a strange 179-page quote about academic and literary studies on sexual assault, including the three pages of I Know Why Caged Bird Sings of Maya Angelou.

A new trial was ordered, but it was not held and a solidarity of peace resolved.

Cleary Alberta was appointed judge in the Provincial Court in 2008. His appointment after two years of the General Prosecutor's Office of Medicine Hat, he spent several years in Scotia's fiscal system and served two years as a private lawyer.

When he was appointed by Alison Redford Bank, he was the Minister of Justice and future conservative, when his work was instituted by a Court of the Special Internal Medicine Diseases.

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