Monday , June 14 2021

Alberta teacher directed $ 32 million in pain

The Alberta teacher has ordered a payment of $ 32,500, and his teacher's associations have been abolished after being guilty of eight incapacitated directors.

Frieda Anne Mennes was treated differently, based on their academic abilities, and parents who "reformed" raised concerns about classroom behavior.

The board of directors of the Association of Teachers of the Family announced the sanctions on Monday in Edmonton.

Without the participation of the association, Mennes can not legally work public, separate or French-language school authorities in Albert. The Commission, as usual, suspends the membership, the Minister of Education will request the cancellation of the Mennesen teaching certificate.

$ 32,500 fine, depending on eight positions Teaching Professional Law It is one of the largest according to the association.

Listening Monday is the ultimate unprecedented process of discipline.

Long discipline process

The complaint against Mennes was joined in November 2016 asking for a nine-month investigation. The panel was held for the first time in March of this year, the first of 23 hearings that comprise 60 witness testimonials.

The longest process of disciplinary history in the association may be, said spokesman Jonathan Teghtmeyer. It's not uncommon, he said, the most complex cases that last up to a week.

That is, partly, most evidence was submitted by the Commission, he said. The Commission has conducted actions and comments by Mennes for 36 years until September 1981.

Frieda Anne Mennes contacted CBC News on Monday afternoon but did not respond.

Mennes did not hear about Monday and did not make a presentation about punishment. When the research partner seeks a judicial advice, the association does not provide these cases.

The Commission suspended the membership of Mennes in six positions, and another two had a serious nightmare. The fines for each charge were $ 1,500 and $ 8,000.

The Commission also found that Mennes had made false accusations against an idea that they sent anonymous letters to the school chapters "inflammatory" comments and "did not make comments to students" to treat students with dignity and respect and their circumstances. "

Mennes worked at the Grasslands Public Schools Division for most of his career.

Scott Brandt, a superintendent, said the third-party researcher was looking for complaints against Mennes before the company conducted its investigation at the end of 2016. The division of the school kept its process at the moment.

Providing schools that are welcoming and supportive for all our students, whether they make sense of diversity or a sense of participation, is a very important division of our schools.– Scott Brandt, Superintendent Grasslands Public Schools Division

Brant said he did not have the school division before 2016 to investigate what Mennes had left for his actions in his tenure.

"Providing schools that welcome and care for all our students, whether they are sense of diversity or a feeling of participation, is a very important division of our schools," he said.

The teacher's association will only listen to details of their research and their written decision. The panel has spent 60 days giving written approval, which is why Mennes will have a window of 30 days to file an appeal.

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