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Alberta's oil price difference is "directly related to Justin Trudeau's policies," says Scheer


Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said Monday that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is "responsible" for charging Canada's Canadian oil prices – fingerprints with federal energy policies, reducing the boundaries of pipelines, and trying to sell Alberta producers their pennies for their dollars.

With Trans Mountain expansion and Keystone XL, the North Gateway project was much lower, as Alberta's producers were forced to lower prices around the world due to oil. TransCanada also dumped the Standard Energy plug in Canadian regulating energy, the Directorate General of National Energy and changing market conditions.

"The reason we are not having this energy infrastructure today is the reason why western Canada Western blood is being priced because of differentials and why we import foreign oil into eastern Canada in a straightforward relationship with Justin Trudeau," said Scheer Winnipeg's press conference in one

When Alberta Premier Rachel Notley's move on the imposition of compulsory production cuts for oil pumps, Scheer said "a level of anxiety" is a "pronounced" province, with rising prices between Canadian oil and US commodity prices. energy viability of the energy sector.

The price shortage improved on Monday when the market had the first chance to react to Notley's production cut plan; The traders began trading shares of several Alberta producers and the price of Western Canada was greatly improved.

Hear half-hearted statements we need to raffle away. We do not need the destiny of Ottawa. Ottawa needs full attention.– Alberta Premier, Rachel Notley

Cancellation delays and cancellations Reducing Canadian oil prices have also closed some US refineries in the United States (the largest US crude oil builder, including BP Whiting's Indiana refinery) for some maintenance projects planned for the past few weeks. These closures have temporarily reduced the main crude market of the Canary Islands.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has told her government to buy rail cars to market Alberta oil. (Jason Franson / Canadian Press)

Unnecessarily exceeding production cuts, Notley also encourages millions of bank refineries to buy Alberta oil at US Gulf refineries to help close the price range. Ottawa has called for economic aid to achieve this plan, but Bill Morneau's Minister of Finance has talked about his plans.

"Our goal is to work with Alberta and the industry to tackle real problems and market access. When we talk about this idea, we will see how we can help," said Morneau at an event. New York on Monday.

According to Amarjeet Sohi, a spokesman for the Natural Resources Department, the federal government has committed "to alleviate the pain of many" by the federal government due to the difference in prices.

"We are trying to get the full value of every oil yacht in Alberta, which is why our government has been facing this national issue and, in general, increasing market access" – it is an urgent priority, "said the spokesman for CBC News, Ottawa. Keystone XL and Line 3 pipes are constantly supported.

A United States judge ordered the construction of Keystone XL over the past month. Judge Brian Morris found that the environmental assessment of the Obama administration in 2014 was not appropriate.

Notley took a more insightful view of Ottawa's statements on Monday, and federal politicians called "half-hearted statements out of toss".

"We do not really need the fate of Ottawa, we have to pay full attention to Ottawa," he said.

Scheer blames Trans Mendi's delay to Trudeau

Thanks, he said, that the Federal Government of Liberal also had an appeals to the Federal Court in August, due to the widespread propagation of the Trans Mountain project, forced by Ottawa to consult indigenous forces now. Review the route and its surroundings and environmental impacts for marine life

"When it was consulted with the First Nations, the Judge of the Trans Mountain Judicial Authority was very clear: the failure of this government to carry out inquiries properly. The rules were not necessarily changed. The failure of this government was actually executed," Scheer said.

Judge Eleanor Dawson, the court of the National High Court, did not speak in his ruling, describing Trudeau's Phase 3 effort as a "crash" – and that word was used more than 100 times in a decision on page 272.

Dawson glorified "note-recipients" addressed to previous federal advisers.

Since the federal government Frank Iacobucci, former judge of the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court, has resumed the process for the construction of a prior decision before the government can consult the indigenous peoples to comply with the constitutional order.

Beyond Trans Mountaint, the federal government has achieved significant reforms in the process of admission to projects in the country's natural projects, through Bill C-69, now through the Senate law.

While attempting to sell Ottawa's bill as a means of mitigating environmental assessments, efforts by indigenous community queries are being strengthened, they called the "booming" boosters for oil, which is said to have been diverted or significantly changed.

Critics are afraid of the invoices adding time to the process of approval and leaving too many powers with the federal federal minister to arbitrarily accept (or kill) projects. Likewise, it will remove the "standing test", which groups will appear before the regulator against or against a specific project. Liberal people have said that the movement democratizes the process, and Scheer says Monday that foreign groups allow foreign financing campaigns to appear before Canadian groups.

Additionally, there are uncertainties about the country's industry breakdowns, Bill C-48, which prohibits the transportation of crude oil for loading and unloading in the north of the British Columbia ports.

The law would have to transport more than 12,500 tons of oil to the tip of northern Vancouver Island at the Alaska border. He praised and promoted the place of indigenous peoples.

The North Gateway project's deficit reached 21 agreements with the First Nations that led to a financial agreement with Aboriginal Equity Partners, which was 33 points in line; other indigenous communities were worried about coastal water discharges.

Environmental advocates have been C-48 to avoid other projects such as Ipar Gateway efficiently in a different way.

Brad, Yolande, J.P. and Rachel called for the Premier Notley's announcement in the decline in Canadian oil prices in the faith. 10:26
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