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Alberta's snowmobilers are missing from the mountain, near Revelstoke, B.C.

A search and rescue mission has three Alberta snowmobilers missing Revelstoke, B.C. In the mountain, a family member tells CBC.

Ryan Pyper, 40, Red Deer, High., Was a weekend snowmobile trip with Todd Kennedy, 45, and Todd's son Braydon, 21, Ryan's brother Ryan Davidson.

Davidson 4 p.m. The MST Saturday search and rescue team has found its name and two friends.

"I found them in a booth in a cabin, I think they were doing very cold," said Davidson.

A man does not hurt, he added. Men were found without their snowmobiles.

At this moment, he did not know what happened to them, said Davidson.

"I know all that they were pretty cold and, of course, they were happy," he said.

"Thank God they are safe."

Weekend trip

The triumph left Alberta mid-term Thursday and expected to return home on Saturday or Sunday, said Pyper's wife, Rozanne.

On Saturday morning her husband did not listen, Pyper began to worry.

"Your mind goes through different scenarios," he said. "In truth, we are trying to keep positive things and we hope that today all of them are the best survivors of the mountain."

The trials were heard on Friday at 07:40 a.m., when Braydon published a photo of Snowmobiles published in Snapchat. Ryan also got in touch with his sister, Pyper said.

Screen shot of Braydon Kennedy Snapchat account. This photo was published on Friday, December 28, 2018 (Rozanne Pyper)

Hotel staff reaffirmed that they were not in the room on Saturday morning, Pyper told his husband B.C. RCMP

The Revelstoke Snowmobile Club has also informed Ryder that Ryan's truck was on Saturday at Revelstoke's Boulder Mountain base.

Search and save

A search and rescue operation, sending a helicopter and "unknown boots on the ground", said Pyper.

He had a poor visibility for difficult search and rescue missions, said Davidson.

Revelstoke was under the winter storm at 2:30 p.m. On Saturday MST and "dangerous winter hazards" were expected in this area, according to the Canadian Environment website.

B.C. The RCMP did not answer the calls and emails sent by CBC News.

Revelstoke, a member of the Snowmobile Club commented, but confirmed that CBC News Revelstoke Search and Rescue attended.

The club was also published on its Facebook page, saying "we are missing a new driver. [Search and rescue] contacted, we may have to finish the search ".

The organization has shared Pyper's Facebook post in the comments section.

Pyper, along with his sister and grandmother, Revelstoke traveled on Saturday afternoon to help the search.


This was not the first Ryan's motorcycle ride, described as an out-of-date adventurer.

Ryan and Todd have made similar trips in the past, and the two families used to be in the summer.

Pyper does not experience Snowmobile with two other men.

Photo of Boulder Mountain Revelstoke, B.C.-en. (Scott Magnusson)

He said that his husband always traveled to travel and this trip was not different. The men said they had four motorcycles with them, and when something happened on the fourth occasion, Pyper said.

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