Wednesday , October 20 2021

Alex Chiasson needed only 27 games to get a new career this season at Russian Machine Never Breaks


Former captain and Stanley Cup champion Alex Chiasson A new career against Philadelphia Flyers has been set up on Wednesday night.

Faced with front bracelets, Chiasson won the 14th goal of the season.

Chiasson's main striker was 13 points in the 2013 season, with Dallas Stars.

Chaser only took 27 games to reach the new brand.


At 12:37 a first time, Connor McDavid forced a business negotiated online, returning to leopard with Leon Draisaitl. Draisait then, Chiasson strolled the ball parked on the net.

Chiasson's only 28-year-old was responsible for Oilers for Connor McDavid (19) and Leon Draisaitl (16).

"I could not be happier", McDavid informed Chiasson's new career. "It's a fun game".

Chiasson's thirteenth goal was against Winnipeg Jets. Connor McDavid helped helm at his 300th NHL.

"If you look at the goals scored, it's not like most people are in panic," said new coach Ken Hitchcock. "But also in the line that controls puck. It's an excellent example of the goals that came from the standpoint. We have been in the area for a long time, because the space is available and people are tired of being open to the network."

Also, one factor: Chiasson's ridiculous filming. H runs a 30.2% high league.

Chiasson scored nine goals and nine assists with 61 regular season games, with captain of 2017-18, and Caps & Stanley Cup helped him and his goal. Chaser accompanied Alex Ovechkin to his team.

Chiasson coach Edmonton Oilers did a professional workout after testing in the fall. In five games he was scratch before he was caught.

Holder's photo: Andy Devlin

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