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Alex Kurtzman learns Pikor respect to Voyager and DS9, and why Star Trek is his new mission –

At the end of the week, he brought two other interviews with Alex Kurtzman, executive producer, and we published yesterday about the season's two season. Star Trek: discovery. The Star Trek TV makers also talked about the Picard series, keeping track of Trek's special shows and some insight into why Star Trek feels it is essential.

Picard's show will be different, but respect the character

Variety on On Take TV The podcast, Alex Kurtzman, discussed the role of Patrick Stewart's challenge in creating an honorary show of the past:

What we did was shown [Patrick Stewart] In writing, we tried to try something different at least, and that he was approaching the table with the people he did not love, but he loved the character. We started building together a lot here. Then he said: "What do we want and how is it different? How do we think of Picard? How do we take care of enthusiasts? How do we do the honor? Next generation? "And that amazing thing has been created and it will be very different Discovery, but that is the thing and the necessary thing.

In the interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kurtzman gave Picasso a little detail Star Trek: discovery:

The rhythm is very different Discovery. Discovery it's bullet Picard show is very attractive. Looks for balance balance Discovery and what nature Next gen It was, but I think it's going to be a rhythm. Without public awareness, people have a lot of questions about Pikardia and what happened, and we will take the time to answer this idea. Next gen It's really exciting. More on the floor & # 39; It's not a good way to put it because it's the 2nd season Discovery It is also based. Will it feel more … the real world? That is the right way to put it.

In Variety podcast, Kurtzman explained his point of view on the expectations of fanatics of Picardy's shows:

People will enter [the Picard] In addition to hope, we will gather some of them and we will fail in another way. We all do not love anyone. The parts of Star Trek beauty discusses people and has different views on it. Very little Trekkie or Trekker does not agree, and that is the point. They can ask fans about a discussion and a conversation. It's something that people are meaningful and because they have suffered more than 50 years, we can not fully please, and that's fine. But when you really fall, people get angry, if you feel like you're not talking about a franchise or if they do not put a different kind of darkness, they do not feel like that. If you get the character up to date, if it's not something like that, it's hard. We are always discussing where it is online.

In the end, Kurtzman gave him an update on the Secretary of State:

Writers' room has broken about eight sections and we're moving fast and I can not get even more impressed.

Alex Kurtzman's Picard series Patrick Stewart announced Star Trek in Las Vegas in 2018

Learning lessons Voyager and Deep Space Nine Trek expanding the universe

As is said, there are many series of Star Trek in development at CBS. Kurtzman says that in the 1990s he has been trying to avoid the issues that had happened to him on the road of several series:

I want to make sure that every show is a different and unique proposal. I think Deep Space Nine and Voyager It was a difficult place because people felt they did not know the difference between the shows, although they were very different, but "I can not ignore why I would choose the other one?". The work believes that any other Trek is very different from the show's viewpoint. Marvel in the world or in the same world of Pixar brings together many stories, although each one feels different, what it means to understand and understand what is within that mark.

You know everything you've got with the Marvel film all the time, but it may be one RagnarokIt could be one Black panther and it could be one Iron Man and they all feel very different, but there's always a premium storybook … And even if all his films are different, the only thing that you can expect when you go to the pixel movie is the story. be great We all want Trek to climb this place. So, seeing a show, we hope to tell you. There will be different types of stories and the path to be told will be different, but I want to build Trek where people assume it.

Star Trek without limit

Taking into account the different types of storytelling in the world of Star Trek, Kurtzman said that Variety still finds the limit:

Star Trek is one of the most beautiful things in the Star Trek world and Star Trek is an interesting site to tell you stories that give you great opportunity. I think that Trek has all the characters with a long tradition of honor and tradition. So that you can move the views radically, even if the show is the main character to jump from the point of view of another character … It's always about finding different ways to tell stories, not just that, but also create structural differences in paradigms … Trek- I have not yet restricted it. I do not have a thing "you can not do that way" in the Trek rule.

Star Trek as its new role

Kurtzman also spoke of Variety in his experience with Star Trek with the first two Kelvin movies and then returned Discovery He told me he worked Discovery After having an excellent experience Mummy His point of view was to make franchise and project types.

I had a very wonderful and healing experience because I saw more and more in the world when I saw changes. And for the first time – despite the experience I had in the movies, I felt it was more necessary than Star Trek ever. Because the Star Wars galaxy is far away, Star Trek is the best thing to do. And we need to know right now. Now more than ever, as Vulcans says, we have to live in the world of infinite diversity and different combinations, and it will appear among our best and there will be a crew of discovery and the people who expect the future to exist. And, suddenly, it became a mission, from where I was going, I would not want to be anything meaningful. I do not need to do anything, trying to put a message that is necessary and positive. And I fell in love with Trek in a different way. I loved it, but the only thing I wanted to do was suddenly and I wanted to tell a single story. I have come to a place of my life, to say something that does not have nutrition value, to say something meaningful and to say something meaningful to the world and the people, I do not care. Now I will not spend my time.

Then on podcast, again Kurtzman said about this matter, saying

I have become a mission. [Working on the movies] It was a wonderful job, I was lucky enough to get along with people who had so much talent, and, in fact, I did more, much more. But now, it's different. Now, finally, I feel myself able to call myself. Trekkie, does not I know about Trekker? – I think you need to get your definition. But I think that I am currently in love with the world and claiming my place in another way, as I have seen in my opinion.

Call for "action" by Alex Kurtzman Star Trek: Discovery season two premiere episodes

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